1. Diayetyl is not an ingredient of eliquid, we know what is in it: propalyne glycole, vegetable glycerin and food flavourings, which are all ingredients of products that everyone consumes daily.
    Secondly, yes, everything other than air is somewhat harmful, like polluted air?!
    Astma medication is made of propalyine glycole btw, any cancer yet?
    Yes,kids shouldn't encounter nicotine in any shape, so than maybe yoz should educate them about it,what it is and how it affects you, becauss keeping it under the rug is only going to make it more appealing for them,like a forbidden apple in heaven's garden.
    You're right about long term studies, we cannot knoe for sure. So,follow one of America's main principles – innocent until proven guilty.
    And please,don't overgeneralize things and put them in the same basket, that's neither objective nor ethical, tell the truth for a change.

  2. Don’t buy black market Ejuice and don’t buy vaping products made by big tobacco, they contain God knows what. My wife buys juice from a local shop that makes it in front of her. It has 5 ingredients: nicotine, food grade propylene glycol, food grade vegetable glycerin, food grade pineapple flavoring and food grade coconut flavoring. My wife has been vaping for years and has seen nothing but improvement in her health since stopping cigarettes for vaping. Her skin, her hair, her cough, her teeth, etc. all improved. I’m so sick of all this bullshit propaganda against vaping, it’s nothing but a ploy by big tobacco because of how much money they lose every time a person gives up smoking for vaping. GREED!

  3. I have seen so many people quit smoking cigarettes over these Vapes. I have smoked almost 20 years and I'm only 39! God I really wish I could quit and it does suck!, Its not cool to smoke anything for that matter, but nowadays these Ecigs are getting pulled off the market just cus of the flavors??.. I don't think it's the flavors I honestly think these kids think it's just cool, and just like anything else now that he's you don't know what you're putting in your body and these kids just put anything and everything in those things!!! But in my perspective I have seen so many people quit smoking cigarettes to be honest I don't think that vaping is any better than smoking cigarettes it's just another thing to be addicted to..Also my own daughter yells at me for smoking cigarettes cuz now her dad don't smoke anymore but he does The vaping thing he has spent over $5,000 on diff. vapors , diff. flavors and all that stuff to go with.. But it's still dangerous!! No matter which way you look at it !! I say put an age limit on it just like everything else!! Its super hard to quit cigarettes sometimes you just have to have this or that and other people don't have that! I can't sit here and say much but what I can say is that it scares the hell outta me, no matter what these kids are putting anything and everything else in those things $ no matter adding flavors are not flavors have been around for so long that's not the problem it's whatever these kids are putting in those things and being able to just go and buy them cus some of them don't have nicotine in them!!!

  4. So lets try to ban vaping, but continue legal sales of cigarettes which kill 480,000 people world wide due to cigarette induced illnesses? Nah they wouldn't do that ! They make to much money off the taxes and tobacco induced illnesses. It keeps the pharmaceutical companies sales up ! 1 cured patient is 1 patient lost . "We are here to cure you!. Yet if we succeed our profits would drop and we would be put out of business" Right docs?

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