1. Bro. Me have a probelm with a scar in my right cheek. When i appply vicks to my right cheek to grow beard. Finally my most of the right cheek would burn. I like to remove my scar permanently. What should i do.

  2. I know you didn't have scientific research but I think your idea about fructose is incorrect. You said that sucrose gets into the blood stream quicker than fructose when it actually is a disaccharide that contains fructose, meaning sucrose actually is more complex than the monosaccharide fructose.

  3. I know how it feels, I use to be less confident myself just because of my face but know everything got cleared, I stopped taking dairy products, sugar and junk foods. In my case it had done wonders, Do a trail and error test with your food, you can easily find the culprit thats causing acne. Hope it helps 😊

  4. Hello, I would like to know if I have just oily skin, clogged pores but I don’t have any inflammation should I illuminate eating gluten to make my skin clear? Recently I gave up dairy, sugar but in some products I found out dairy containing (and this upset me a little). So now I’m more attentive to what I buy. Also I’m a vegetarian but I would like to try vegan diet to see what happen to my skin. I just think that my skin dull and I can’t go out without any foundation. But I want! And I know there is a problem inside. Because when I took birth control pills, they reduced skin oil a little but sometimes I have little pimples. Late I started suffering from strong headaches and I gave up them recently. I know that it’s not the solution to take pills due to have clear skin. What should I do to make my skin radiant, not from the sebum oil? I’ve decided to experiment with ration )) I hope for you answer))

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