1. I smoke for anxiety,BPD and many other pain related issues in place of any much more harmful narcotics,opioids ect. Plus it makes me mad chill so im all for it. I am also in a legal state but i do have a med card for use. I think its great that youre being open about it. Its not such a taboo thing as it used to be.

  2. Just be careful with the thc hun. A lot of them say they’re thc free but they all have “trace amounts.” I’m going back for nursing (I live in NYS) and one of my friends (who just finished nursing school) told me when they test you for employment just taking cbd can test you positive for thc because of the trace amounts (even if they’re labeled thc free) so just keep that in mind! Super upsetting because cbd oil was really helping me and now I’ll have to stop

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