1. Meat & dairy sure does taste nice, but it clogs the arteries, and one of the smallest arteries in the male body, is in the penis, which is one of the first things to go 😆😝 Since young we've all been told to get some animal meats for protein and cow's milk for calcium. It's all lies just make money off disgusting vile cruelties. A lovely balanced vegan diet for the win. Boycott that filth 👍 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcN7SGGoCNI&ab_channel=ErinJanus

    Oh yeah, that bit they're on about to do with the relevancy of the Rhinos and poaching, that's a supply and demand issue, just like meat & dairy is. If people didn't give their money to it, it would end. Not over night of course, but sooner rather than later.

  2. Dude is only talking smack about plant based diets because he wants to make money off of his paleo diet book (a diet, according to archeologists and anthropologists, is complete bullshit). Take two minutes to search the name Chris Kesser. The guy has a vested financial interest in people eating meat. I wouldn't be surprised if he were funded by the beef industry…. Just another idiot Rogan has had on his show.

  3. But the doctor himself said it's not a scientific study, but the results are interesting.
    And they've shown the mechanistic, science-based explanation beforehand, which you failed to refute on debate Crhis.
    As well as to read forest plots 😉

  4. Joe… how are you differentiating a hamburger to a rhino?, i'm not saying anyone needs to go vegan, but to slaughter a cow is a horrendous situation, Rhino, Cow, don't understand the difference. In a way I feel like your saying it's ok to eat Cow due to the numbers on the planet, whereas there aren't many Rhinos… hmmmm, strange logic if you ask me.

  5. In my opinion, eating meat in the West is even worse than killing rhinos for their horns. The amount of suffering you’re causing by maintaining 8 billion cows alive in small spaces is absolutely disgusting.

  6. Joe rogan and his industry funded studies what a joker..

    He like to meat so much he'll lie to all of his followers faces… And quote from industry funded studies… His stupid flowers clapped their hands like seals love being lied to…—-#Fatty

  7. Cuz of bodybuilding diet of 1kg of mix meat per day i fucked up health, went back in normal when i started vegatarian diet. But 150g of meat per day should be max and won't impact ur health much, when it's physical, spiritual health is different story, but in the west we don't care about it at all so. If you eat meat Don't go over 150g of red meat.

  8. Ain't no agenda, eat what you want, I'm on an alkaline diet, like my grandfather, he's 80, works out, and still enjoys sex regularly, with younger women, last girl friend was 46, do you, people with melanin need to move toward a alkaline diet, period, my family is my study

  9. The goal of this was to prove that eating meat is not masculine like we have been led to believe through decades of advertising. The guys that hate plant-based burritos had multiple times the number of boners and harder, which will surprise a lot of people and it shows how the notion that eating meat is more masculine is silly. Which was the whole point, that you danced around 5 straight minutes.

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