1. Great info Stefan! I LOVE my dandelions, I use them in my teas, salads, soups, etc! I roast the roots also, yummy!! Of course I pull sparingly as to leave some for the bees too!! thanks for sharing this wonderful video, I truly learned some things I never knew about this wonderful herb!! looking forward to watching more of your videos!! Val, from Ohio 🙂

  2. I have a toddler and she loves flowers and out of all the ones we have she always is in aww when she would find a dandelion. She also loves the small clovers. Everytime she sees both she says flowers and her daddy tries to correct her and tells her they are weeds. She just shakes her little finger saying no and just tells him flowers. Now we planted some clovers and dandelions, but I'm glad these plants are actually doing a great job at keeping the soil healthy. Thank you for such an informative video.

  3. I have horrible soil, here in PA, it is clay dirt. I am trying to make gardens, and I have to add a lot of good dirt to it. However, I get huge, huge, huge, dandelions in my flower gardens beds, where I have nice dirt. This was a very interesting video. I am going to start eating dandelions. I have a lot in my yard. You are right, I have less dandelions in my yard, than I did as a child. I live in my childhood home, my parents are gone now, and I remember having more dandelions when i was a child. Another thing hat I have way less of is clover. When I was a child, we had clover, with the little white flowers every where. We were always getting stung. Which is the last thing….i rarely see honey bees anymore, and I grow a lot of flowers. I am going to find out what the best flowers would be for attracting honey bees. I know the honey bee population is lower now, anyway. I am tired of wasps and hornets, though. They are mean and aggressive, and that may be another reason that I have seen less honey bees.

  4. My neighbor is old school and an elder, he absolutely hates them. I've caught him picking them out of my lawn because he doesn't want them blowing over to his lawn.

    I didn't know until this video what their benefits were and I will have to educate him on it. His lawn is impeccable compared to mine. He is retired and that's his hobby now. Working on his lawn and garden.

  5. Ancient medicine used dandelion leaves for the liver detoxification as it does work. Roots and the flower is also really good for your health. Guys please don’t throw it rather use it and see the result for yourself. It has a lot of benefit for your health.

  6. No, I do not pull them until they are old. Very good eating. Pick before they flower and they are less bitter. The leaves are very good and lots of nutrition. They are deep divers so they absorb lots of minerals from deep in the earth. If you do pick them put on the compost.

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