Curaleaf Lake Of Fire THC Distillate Syringe #Curaleaf #LakeOfFire

Curaleaf #LakeOfFire This is my review of Curaleaf’s Lake of Fire syringe. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below! How to refill a Curaleaf …


  1. Oh cuz they have some cut with terpines i forget if they use plant or vegetable over cannabis or if that'd another place but that might be why you're able to get double what they do. But im trying to find out if it's a good idea to smoke this out of the puffco plus as it tends to turn anything it touches into glue lol. I CANT get my lids off the top of the quarters coil like yocan style after only a 4rh or less of the gram of these things. So I'm hesitant to mess up my new puffco i love sooo much lol. I can't find any videos on it either sadly.

  2. Common misconception is that a .5ml cart is actually a half gram! .5ml of concentrate =/= (does not equal) .5 gram. Carts are normally sold on the street/dispensaries in .5ml or 1ml and liquid volume doesn't mean anything about the actually weight

  3. I have noticed that 2 Curaleaf 1/2 grams of oil fill my ccell to the very top . There is close to .6 of a gram in each syringe. If I put 1 gram of Truclear it leaves a space at the top of the cart. Curaleaf wins on volume but Trulieve's Truclear is normally coming in way higher than 85%. One batch of Banana Kush was 90% THC and 6 % other cannabinoids for a total of 96%. I really like the laidback high I get from Banana Kush.

    The total milligrams are still at least 850 mg as 96% x .9 ml = 864. Maybe thats why there is less oil in the Trulieve syringes and more in the Curaleaf. Curaleaf is giving you a little more to increase the overall number of millgrams total. I do like the fact that Curaleaf takes the exact #of milligrams and Trulieve doesn't. Works for me.

    I v enjoyed Lake of Fire and thought its effects were very pleasant. Definately not a sativa. Every dispensary seems to have a real problem with proper classifications. I want Colombian Gold, Panama Red, or real Jamaican ganja. I miss the old school heavyweights.

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