CBD Cream for Pain Relief – How and Why CBD is effective

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  1. Yo can I put the cream on my face because I have to get my teeth cleaned n one of my tooths are making lots of pain n I gotta deal with it everyday all day long n it's bad like my right side face /jaw hurts could I put the cream on @planetdrivenhealth

  2. I was thinking of trying the cream for the arthritis pain in my neck. I can't find any information as to how often it should be applied. I'm assuming then that it is used simply as needed. Does anyone know if this is so or not?

  3. take away the tightness in my knee! It’s like some one told their dr order PT that not true and it’s donot make arthritic go away but I just left it along Its just about these Drs getting $$$!

  4. Yes I have chronic pain from 2 bad knee replacements I did not like the oil yes it sure does work I buy the 500mg cream for me it’s really take away the tightness in my knee pain pills donot

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