Cannabis stocks continue to tumble | Power & Politics

Canada’s cannabis industry has seen a downturn in stock prices in the first year of legalized weed. To read more: »»» Subscribe to CBC …


  1. It's almost the exact equivalent of the Tulip bubble. And people think bitcoin is a bubble when bitcoin has a limited supply. People still don't understand supply-demand economics. 😆😆😂

  2. Cam Battley doesn't know Math lol. Trulieve did 70m Revenue USD, ACB did 76m Cad lol. Thats 14m Cad Difference lol. Aww Cam:). I can Teach ya Math, just give me 100k shares, like you get every month for Adding no net income to balance sheet .

  3. Britain is the largest exporter of cannabis in the world grown by British sugar in Norfolk
    Its illegal to possess unless grown under licence given by home secretary
    The home secretary at the time Teresa May
    Her husband is relationship manager to British sugar
    Kaching $€£
    His company gets 15%
    2017 British sugar had a minus 20m turnover
    2018 once selling cannabis 80m profit
    Canada receives the bulk of our crap weed
    I blame the crown

  4. I think the federal government did a good job with legalization, the provincial government here in ontario on the other hand AWFUL. There are no stores within a 200km radius of me and i live in south western ontario. Doug is FORCING people who dont want to wait for shipping to buy on the black market. the federal government is maybe a bit too strict with packaging and marketing but their handling of the production itself and regulating the companies is top notch. people should see the facilities our legal weed is grown in. no doubt the best quality of weed in the world. people complaining about price? you get what you pay for. there is good value on OCS. people just dont look hard enough and dougie isnt allowing a review system so people can know whats good and what isnt.

  5. I imagine homegrown will eventually be like diy personal consumption beer and wine making. Less monitoring by govt agencies and fewer convictions for growing one or two plants "over the line". More homegrown craft type varieties will be the eventual "trend". Haven't heard of any diy beer/wine folks being busted for brewing an extra dozen bottles lately. With the march of time authorities will place their time and dollars pursuing real crime.

  6. Cannabis industry is still pretty young…and with all the quality and pricing issues, the black market is alive and well however this won't be the case forever…the black market won't compete in the medical, edibles and skin/haircare segment as effectively and these products will slowly drag the illegal market down….it's just a question of time.

  7. You can bet your life savings that these suggested regulation changes favor Large corporations , and limits/eliminates small sellers. Sounds like they want laws to grant them a monopoly like they almost have in the Medical sections.

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