1. 0:36 Anthony talks about his relationship to cannabis
    4:24 Big Pharma + Healthcare industry influence
    5:24 Kyle talks about why he uses cannabis
    7:32 Our youth self-medicating due to trauma and undiagnosed PTSD
    9:53 Older generations shutting down conversations about mental health contributing to self medicating
    11:01 Stigmas around mental health
    14:18 Tazia talks about how cannabis has impacted their life
    17:16 Cannabis can help individuals overcome opioid/alcohol addiction and dal with trauma, but yet the conversation is largely avoided
    19:11 Progress with legalisation now is because of money and because it's affecting upper middle-class white families
    20:14 Anthony talks about how he used to butt heads with his dad over his cannabis use..but now he smokes with his dad who is in his 70s and they've grown closer
    21:14 Anthony talks about the groups of people cannabis prohibition has affected the most
    23:04 Black, brown and poor individuals are still being targeted through legalisation
    23:55 How the war on drugs is racist
    27:38 How the prohibition of cannabis started in the early 20th century
    29:25 The connection between prohibition and capitalism
    30:09 The misinformation around blackmarket Vape cartridges
    32:25 Anthony talks about being open with his students about his cannabis use
    34:04 Kyle talks about normalizing cannabis with his kids as his medicine
    34:52 The importance of educating youth and having honest conversation rather than just saying no
    35:27 Indica or Sativa and what strains they are using
    36:45 Kyle talks about how some family members are not supportive of his cannabis use
    37:40 The irony of anti-cannabis Doctors and Nurses reluctancy to engage in conversation around cannabis even though it helps people
    38:33 Issues we face are inter-connected
    39:37 The gateway drug myth
    40:15 Anthony talks about being open about his stance and use of cannabis while running for congress
    43:43 The need to take money out of politics
    45:34 It's culturally powerful to have politicians be open about their cannabis use
    46:28 Connecting prohibition, mental health, lack of opportunity to gun and community violence
    49:05 Kyle talks about the police raiding his home
    53:05 The militarization and profit motive of the police
    57:04 Free Meek Mill
    57:51 Legalization and white privilege
    59:21 Venture capitalists coming in after legalization
    59:54 The need for systemic change
    1:01:35 The gummy hit Kyle 🙂
    1:02:07 Capitalism is leading us toward a dystopian future
    1:04:42 Cannabis in the NFL
    1:05:24 People who remain ignorant about cannabis and normalise myths are creating harm
    1:06:34 Fear + Ignorance
    1:07:03 Hypocritical politicians and leaders
    1:07:48 It's hard to be vocal and public about cannabis use because of stigma and repercussions
    1:08:23 Anthony lists three people (dead or alive) he would want to smoke weed with. Muhammad Ali, Snoop Dogg + Bernie Sanders
    1:11:43 Tazia talks about how cannabis gives them space to process and breathe
    1:14:05 Anthony talks about how cannabis has brought him his humanity back

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