Cannabis News – Federal House Committee to Consider Marijuana Legalization | Ep. 531 | 11-18-2019

Joe Klare discusses a new social use lounge in Nevada, progress in the House on the MORE Act and Joe Biden’s claim that the debate still rages over the …


  1. corrupt gubment wants to put us on the lap of their street dealer friends. they got other products they wanna market that contributes to the campaign. theres these people, friends of the leadership get alot FREE drugs they just steal it from the transporters. its 100% profit margin so envelopes w/cash and favors in every lookaways pocket.

  2. I quit smoking weed so easy. I also quit smoking cigarettes fairly easy too though. Alcohol however has been the hardest thing for me to stop using. I don't even like alcohol and it's hard for me to say no to it. I actually like weed and it's easy to pass on.

    I live in colorado where it's been legal for a while and I haven't been able to enjoy it even since legalization here in the state because it's still up to the employers discretion. Which sucks cuz im fat so it stays in my system for a long time, can't even smoke on the weekends. It's probably been 7 years now. People say, just use fake pee, or get a job that lets you smoke. All well and good to say that, but i get randoms and i've had close calls trying to get quickfix to temp, and about the only jobs I could get and be able to smoke would pay about 1/4 of what I make now.

    Also I shouldn't have to go to such lengths to relax after work or on the weekends with a plant that is legal.

  3. Hey I just stumbled upon your Channel and I like it can you help answer one question if the MORE Act passes. What comrs next does it go to the Senate to be voted on? We're still waiting to hear about the Safe Act that's supposed to be voted on in the Senate any guess on how long that will take?

  4. I have been regulating my cannabis for about 45 years it's easy, if ya need it smoke it, if you don't need it don't smoke it. Asprin will harm you more than pot tylenol, ibprophen, and those are suuposed to be the easiest to get therefore safer, HOGWASH! "Weed is ALL you need" I don't know who quoted it first but I like their way of thinking 😆

  5. They should name the train wreck pot to train ride.

    Trainwreck is a mind-bending, potent sativa with effects that hit like a freight train. … Trainwreck begins its speedy hurtle through the mind with a surge of. Migraines, pain, and arthritis are mowed down by Trainwreck's high-THC content, and many patients also use it for relief of anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and PTSD.

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