1. Weed just makes you lazy and stupid. Its okay when your retired with a million dollars in the bank but otherwise if you want to be a do nothing loser smoke weed.

  2. Dorian Yates Im there with you man. I think this is a great path to totality! Mind expansion to the fullest. Like minds will gather and absorb the real aspect of what your offering.

  3. I remember in 97 I spoke to DY im Fort Worth TX, he just hurt his bicep and I just had ACL reconstruction. I was getting back into bodybuilding and Dorian said rest days , recovery time was the most important. Big impact on my life. I met Ronnie The cop and his GF that same Gym and did a bodybuilding tournament met Flex Wheeler, oiled up Kevin Lavrone. Thank Prince Harrison in Texas for those memories.

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  5. Something about Dorian, the way he talks and carries himself. Really impressive and inspiring. I like his idea of a nudge. Brian and Dorian also seem to have a nice friendship, well done.

  6. I like his style of micro doseing. If you have good quality sativa or indica you don't need much to get into the "zone" you are looking for. Hiking in the mountains is really good for all over muscle strength and overall lung function. Cannabis dilates the airways which helps with oxygen intake during work/exercise and even singing. I feel it also helps with mind to body coordination and rythm while doing martial arts like nunchucks or whip.

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