1. Cannabis helped me with so much since I was 16. I had a traumatic childhood. Not so grate teen years. And even now. I have insomnia, and social anxiety. I’m really not a people person. I tend to stay to myself. Cannabis helps me brake out of that. But these last few yrs it’s been hard living in another state away from family. I honestly have no friends. I rely on music a lot of the time. I smoke and play my keyboard sing to myself a lot of the time. Enough of me. When ru guys coming to Chicago?

  2. Cannabis has helped change my life a lot by vaping it. I used to be stuck on stupid anti-depressants and sleeping medicine/aids for a long ass time and it used to give me mini strokes and fucked up my life. Weed has really helped me in so many forms that regular pills would have never done.

  3. I don't smoke often cannabis. Maybe one time a year. BUT . The ones who really saved my life are Johnny 3 Tears, J-Dog, Charlie Scene, Danny, Funny Man, and even Deuce.
    I hope you will understand how much you are important to some of us. 🙂

  4. Cannabis helped for me insomnia like Johnny. And it helped with anxiety and honestly depression. It also helped with my health. Especially with the fact that I struggle to even use my legs cannabis helps with the pain. Is the one thing that keep me going to concert being in the general section. And getting fit. (Also I’ve been using it since I was 9. So it something I grew up with xD)

  5. Been here since the fruition of you're music. Loved smoking and listening to you're music. You guys have changed alot of our lives. I am greatful for the music you all put out as a whole. Hard work is what I believe in, and you men never disappoint. Also I like how you guys are branching out this company. Best of luck!

  6. No cannabis, you changed my life, you make me happy and from your songs I scoop energy, I love you so much, guys, you all became a very important part of my life. It's your own way to be happy and stay in mind in this fucking world, and I don't want condemn it, I want to support you all, guys.

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