Canberra passes law to legalise cannabis for personal use | 7NEWS

Growing, possessing and smoking marijuana will soon be legal in the nation’s capital. The ACT Parliament has passed a bill, permitting cannabis for personal …


  1. We all know this is government power against marijuana. They call it a gateway drug , yeah right, ive been smoking cannibis for 25 years and never had interest in going up the drug ladder(bloody expensive is a junkie opioid habit and rots the teeth). Yeah the lungs might be dodgy but they brought out Storz n Bickel for that issue. 🍋 🦨 is our saviour. Follow the northern lights to the Red Devil✌🏻

  2. This plant helps me with epilepsy have been trying different meds from the pharmacy for years nothing can prevent it so far bedside’s bud or oil legalise it! Tobacco, alcohol and all the other drugs out there are far worse focus on that

  3. The reason cannabis and all other drugs for that matter have been illegal is because they are a drugs which if not abused can stimulate the pineal gland in the brain and encourage critical thinking / enlightenment which would make the user much more self aware of their oppressive surroundings and start to ask questions regarding such !

    NO Dictoral Government wants this ! Think about it for a minute …… if you were a dictator trying to rule over a large group of people , would you want them smart , questioning authority , capable of critical thought OR dumb , docile zombies whom believe everything your propaganda machine ( mainstream media ) tells them and whom practice Cognitive Dissonance and police each other … ?

    So , smart & enlightened or dumb & docile …. which do you think is easier to rule over !

    This also ties in greatly with the education / health / religion & Government systems which are in place to keep everyone indoctrinated with daily social engineering etc …

    Oh , forgot … Cannabis has FANTASTIC NATURAL HEALTH BENEFITS as well !

    Big Pharma doesn't like it at all …. that's why they will be in charge of the seeds given out with this new " legalisation process " …. all will be Genetically Modified and the CBD health component removed leaving only the THC to keep everyone in a trance , just like alcohol and opium etc …..

    If it's legal than you can bet that it's for a reason .

    As President Franklin D Rooservelt once said " Nothing in Government is Ever Done by Accident "

  4. Only way you can use the mental health bluff is that if there were only like 10 people on the planet. Just like everything in life there are so many variables to it that I don't know how they make desisions on such a microscopic part of it all and everyone just swallows it like they did they study them self's when they wouldn't even know how to put up a shelf.

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