1. I love your ideal I love how you set it up and most of all I love that you know the specs to make everything work I definitely need one for myself but if you are willing to work with a partner I am wanting to invest money in your dream so we can make some Money together my phone number is 424) 321-9475 my name is O'mar

  2. Hello! thanks for the video! I have a box of 40x40x120 and would like to put a carbon filter in to neutralize the odors! What kind of filter can I put in? cause there is no much space in my box. Thank you

  3. No fertilizer anymore ? What is your Soil ? That sounds fantastic. Do you use Auto Seeds or ?

    Want to do my first grow with Autos but i have a little bit fear if it comes to fertilizer and such stuff.

    Und grüsse aus Deutschland 😀 Ich hoffe meine Tomaten werden gut~

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