1. Great thoughts conceptually but taking a walk or jogging through the woods or doing calisthenics in nature is not all pointless activity to induce fevers and move blood is actually still very healthy for the body as well

  2. You make a lot of sense.I have an extra deformed vertebrae. I wonder what It means. It actually causes me great pain. So I have had to get my body under control. Just all of the weight I have lost alone has helped. Food minimization and Raw garlic ppl. Swear by it for weight loss. Tons on a cracker w cheese often… bye bye 30 lb over a year.

  3. how do you feel about weed. I know you said it allows parasites to live in your brain but it helps me find my breath when im stuck in my head.

  4. do you know why so many raw vegans/frutarians like awful longterm? Like the opposite of healthy really. This is scaring me from trying it myself, I don't trust it.

  5. This is incredible..the dark shelf of my heart manifested my intersection with your ..thisness.. so much gratitude for asserting your value by utilizing a role.. bless you for sacrificing your time and energy..I have received your currents full force..can’t wait to start supporting you..but really it’s not about supporting you it’s about supporting the ripples that move through you and touch others. You truly know..the dao knows..12:06=9

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