Blue Dream 😱Liberty Health Sciences ⚕️ Florida Medical Marijuana Review of Blue Dream Flower

This Blue Dream strain from Liberty Health Sciences didn’t quite have the pungency to knock your socks off but it still kept a lovely light grassy scent that was …


  1. Great review I highly agree with what you said, and for your information they are delivering flower again! You must order a minimum of 4 1/8ths or order something else with it if you wanna order less!

  2. From what I've gleaned the CEO of Liberty is a Canadian 'entrepreneur' who was instrumental with the success of Red Bull. Also: They have a new(er) greenhouse facility in Gainesville that should help keep up with demand once the cycles have been synchronized. I just hope that the quality improves and the prices they offer remain or go lower. GYO! (grow y'er own!) It's coming.

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