'Black voters are pissed off': Watch the fiery exchange between Booker and Biden

Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) clashed with former vice president Joe Biden on issues impacting black voters, including the legalization of marijuana, during the fifth …


  1. I bet Biden goes into Geriatric Central Senior Facility, first 6 months of “running the country” and then Kamala hardass will be running the country(into the ground) Thanks a lot stupid voters who voted Democrat!

  2. Wow! Not only did he get owned by many running mates, he was also caught up in many lies! Harris laughed wholeheartedly at the idiocy coming from his mouth! She, and Booker held him to task and he fell with it (no recovery).

  3. if this black dude was running instead of biden, i would support him , man speaks truth! Also according to biden this guy isn't black, coz he ran against him and most likely didn't vote for him haha, you ain't black! – biden

  4. Subject: Chairman Joseph Stalin vs President Elected Joseph Biden.

    Why Biden was named “Joseph“ in 1942? This is simply because his parents were disciples the greatest and meanest Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin who had become chairman of the Soviet Union in 1941. Supernaturally, Stalin was a Georgian (not Russian) and that’s why those election troubles had started in this traditionally very Southern (now Republican) state of Georgia. Massive migration of African-Americans to Georgia had occurred recently! It’s poetic justice that after more than 70 years and 200 millions people had suffered and died during the Cold War that USA have to become a Socialist nation. You American Losers of the Cold War! As Prophet of Environment, I am always a Winner! And the Prophetic Russian Monk Putin during the early 1900s and Russian Revolution had also also helped Me. Thanks!

    Jordan C. Fan,
    Prophet of Environment.

  5. I totally disagree with you bookakee you are totally in connections with the black voters only and I repeat only doing it re-election time that's the only time you connect with the minority but I'm glad it's a wake-up call

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  7. Black voters have been ignored for 50 years under Democrats like you Corey! They have been used for elections but never given a thing till Trump came along…why would you run for President when you cant even run your own constituency.

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