April 17, 2019 – Hemp Planting – New Polls – Alabama – Florida

Cannabis legalization news for week of April 17, 2019: Florida THC limits; Hemp THC definition; Illinois & Washington State; Michigan; Alabama: and more!


  1. Pennsylvania medical marijuana program is very expensive for patients on Medicare, none of it is covered by insurance, it will not help with the opiate academic, unless patients could grow their own, this would lower the cost at dispensary.

  2. Also, one more question. Do you think now that CBD/hemp is getting SO much recognition and an influx of popularity that this will wake up a lot more people stuck on the fence about marijuana? At a local gas station in VIRGINIA they are selling wild hemp cigarettes, and it makes it seems like such a tease lmao

  3. Per say, weed is legal in 2023. (Hopefully) If it is federally legalized, do you think they would have it be legal to grow in your own home out of sight? Like the way Colorado currently does? I suppose that could be state-state issue as well.

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