Aphria this is not good



  1. Canada is the test market for this shit. Fail? well most government involvement is sluggish. The sector is first time clusterfuck. Compaines that can mass produce weed might succeed, but only the processors will win. Just smoking bud is not going to hold up anyone. Aurora is really making a medical cannabis market. They will go crazy if they can find a pharma partner. It would be crazy growth worldwide. But just dry bud that's literally available everywhere will only make money for those who can grow cheap for processing into oil etc.

  2. I believe Health Canada wouldn’t have found out about Canntrust if it wasn’t for the whistleblower. I deal with Alberta Health on the regular and honestly I haven’t met a group of dumber people. If they are similar, then it’s clear why they fucking up.

  3. I've never seen anything with mold in it that's crazy man. Well said Rich, these companies are doing their best it's the government that's effing this up. On he brighter side of things I can tell you the capsules you can now purchasing stores are outstanding, I was very impressed with it. What you can get with only 5 ml per capsule was extremely potent.

  4. You get bunk beer sometimes too. It’s quality control in the company it can slide through and it’s bound to happen. You should mention the carcinogenic chemicals black market uses to grow their weed. Black market vapes were killing people. I support you but lately you are getting too emotional. Negative talk isn’t going to help the sector either. Health Canada doesn’t care they get paid, they are controlling the growth of the sector. Market Makers want retail out. This is the next big sector, 3-5 years is the big money. Growing pains… Aphria is still a good company that is being manipulated as well. PS it’s easy for Black market people to say oh I opened this weed and it has mould.

  5. Must be careful . Can be black market guys tarnishing the industry . I bought Hexo weed was very nice . I just think the STUPID oversized packaging is pure overly expensive bullshit for the LP"s . Wasting plastic polluting environment . A big fucking plastic jar for a mere 3.5 gr can easily fit at least 1/2 oz or more in that jar ! Expensive Stupidity . Health Canada is KILLING the industry. They dont know what the fk they doing . My 2c

  6. Never! I only worry about THC rating and a lot of time the weed is crumbled. I think that if the government takes so much tax dollars they should have better standards. I think this is the calm before the storm.. I only worry about the employees health with poor working conditions..

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