1. So I’m 23 years old and I’ve been smoking weed heavily since I was 15. I quit cold turkey about 3 months ago and it’s been hell. I’ve been having intrusive thoughts like crazy and really bad anxiety to the point I think I have OCD. Can anyone relate

  2. In case anyone here is reading this:

    The anxiety is not bullshit. Don't listen to anyone telling you otherwise. Stoners are delusional. It's not "problems you haven't dealt with" or "external stressors in your life weed is showing you". It's THC and its effect on the brain. I say this as someone who used to smoke weed and got intense, irrational anxiety in the form of negative thought loops that did not reflect my sober personality whatsoever. Why does the anxiety occur? THC (the psychoactive chemical in weed) binds to CB1 receptors in the GABA system across your body. Over time, the cumulative stress on cells via (i) THC binding (ii) body working to unbind the THC (iii) the consequent dysfunction of GABA & excess dopamine in your system, tires your body out, creating a self-perpetuating cycle of increased anxiety. This happens for various reasons. I will give you a rundown in lay-mans terms, and at the end, I will offer some chemical supplements you ought to take to get back to normal ASAP. Stick with me if you want the fast way out.

    (1) What does the scientific jargon mean in English?

    'GABA' is a chemical system in our bodies, which in the most generalised form is to do with our inhibitions/confidence. As a simplified example, when we drink alcohol, GABA production is reduced, thus inhibitions are reduced and we have the infamous dutch courage.

    CB1 receptors are all over our body, and aid in the form of the production of 'serotonin' and 'dopamine'. Again, widely generalised: serotonin often relates to our ability to feel calm and happy, whilst dopamine affects our drive. This is hugely, hugely understated, and both chemicals have complex interrelationships and to generalise one as 'calmness' and the other as 'drive' is simplified and inaccurate; but for these purposes, stick with it.

    5HTA receptors synthesise serotonin. Serotonin converts to melatonin, which affects our sleep. Melatonin is the chemical which regulates sleep. When we have more melatonin in our body, we feel more sleepy. In a really dark room? More melatonin is produced, which is why you feel sleepier than if the lights are shining bright into your face.

    (2) What does THC do?

    THC binds to CB1 receptors all over our body, affecting brain activity in the hippocampus and amygdala. The hippocampus is to do with mental functioning; the amygdala to do with our fear response. THC often overaffects the amygdala (causing the zany thoughts, and to an extreme, anxiety) whilst the hippocampus affects our ability to reason/hypothesize (causing the calmness, and to an extreme, the dopiness of being stoned).

    When binding to CB1 receptors, GABA chemicals cannot attach to them. In the long run, this means that the number of GABA synthesizers decreases: the body is getting the chemicals which attach to GABA from THC, and it makes sense for the body to conserve its energy and stop making GABA. However, this is useless for when we're sober. When we're sober, there is no THC, and there is also no GABA, so we lose our ability to calm ourselves, resulting in anxiety.

    Furthermore, as the CB1 receptors are in the process of unbinding stuck/attached THC chemicals, it means that those CB1 receptors can't activate themselves. Dopamine and serotonin levels decrease (they can't be produced by a CB1 receptor cleaning itself) and as such, we lose our drive – stoned mentality – and we lose our sleep (loss of serotonin production –> loss of melatonin production –> loss of ability to sleep).

    This is a self-perpetuating cycle for two reasons. (i) When the body is cleaning CB1 receptors, it results in inflammation. Inflammation reduces our ability to make GABA: the body is tired and must heal itself, it can't then give itself the nice chemicals. As such, we can't calm ourselves down, for GABA calms us down, and we can't make it. (ii) We lose sleep. Sleep helps us repair, and without the serotonin, we lose it. This contributes to a slow process for building chemicals again, for obvious reasons (no sleep –> no repair –> more anxiety –> harder to sleep –> harder to repair…). Sleep, when it returns, is not REM sleep. This is because the body needs deep sleep to repair itself. However, this contributes to the anxious cycle, also: REM sleep helps us to deal with our problems. REM is the body's way of working through future decisions for us over time. Without REM sleep, we lose foresight, and thus the more minor stressors/major background stressors of life we'd usually deal within sleep, we are forced to deal with in the daylight, for we need to work on them at some point. However, during the day, we have stimulation from outside sources, too. So, we are essentially dealing with external stressors of our environment, and the brain-intensive process of dealing with more background stressors at the same time. All of which, as you may have guessed, leads to stress, inflammation, and the cycle mentioned above.

    On top of this, weed can and does affect the way dopamine and 5HT (serotonin) receptors act over time. THC has a chemical structure similar to that of anandamide (relates to dopamine). Constant 'fake dopamine' means the body produces less real dopamine over time, since the body is fooled and as far as it is aware is getting its chemicals from the outside source, so there is no need to produce it itself. 5HT receptors can get changed such that they view serotonin in a totally modulated light: serotonin becomes seen differently and its ability to carry out its usual effects are inhibited.

    There is a good reason CBD is recommended along with THC: CBD prevents the binding of THC in the first place. However, taking it after you're anxious and suffering from weed-anxiety isn't solving the real problem: your body needs help in repair. It doesn't need to numb its pain. That anxiety is there as a reason: your body doesn't like the chemical.

    (3) What do I do to get back to normal?

    I will not get into the reasoning of all these chemicals: the post is long enough. However, know that they are all safe, none are physically addictive, (i.e. no piracetam bullshit, never ever take that or Kratom or anything stupid that most of the idiots over at r/nootropics will recommend). I will, however, state the general purpose, and list in the order of importance.

    What you need:
    NAC – N-acetyl Cysteine – 1200mg a day. Helps increase glutathione in the brain – the strongest possible antioxidant. Helps to clear CB1 receptors.
    L-theanine – 200-800mg a day – Helps rebuild GABA! Increases calmness.
    Probiotic/yoghurt – gets bodily bacteria back to normal and helps GABA & serotonin receptors in gut…
    Ashwagandha KSM 66 – 600mg a day – Must be KSM 66. Increases confidence and prevents anxious thoughts in the first place. Various mechanisms.
    Lions Mane – 400mg in MORNING – Increases nerve growth factor, rebuilds memory – increases REM sleep. ONLY take in morning. Any more than 400mg and you will not sleep. Don't use this if you have an autoimmune disorder – bacopa will do a similar thing but with much less risk of a bad interaction.
    Bacopa Monnieri – 300/400mg per day: Helps regulate serotonin receptors, reduces anxiety extremely strongly, increases levels of antioxidants in brain.
    Tryptophan (1200mg 3 times a week, especially on nights you can't sleep) + 5htp (250mg, at max 5 times a week – try to use this as limited as possible). Increases building block chemicals for serotonin and melatonin.
    L-tyrosine – 500-1000mg (up to 5 times a week). Builds dopamine, motivation, etc
    Taurine – for GABA and anxiety.

    Final disclaimer: make sure (1) you don't bother trying this unless you make the commitment to quit. There's no point being on and off. Weed either does or does not work well for you. Simple as. Sober you may miss it, but does high you really like being high? (2) You're taking other vitamins you may be deficient in (vitamin B complex/vitamin D for most people). (3) Exercise as much as you can. This will do leaps and bounds when combined with everything else, especially when you exercise after having lions mane. (4) meditate if you can. It's some hippie dippie shit, yes, but so is smoking weed. It is a habit that sticks with you and helps develop in you immense clarity (and further, scientific evidence to show it reduces the size of amygdala – and it's free)

    This list may seem like a lot, but you could get the whole lot for about £30-40 (about as much as a 3.5g here in the UK). For getting anxiety free, your sleep back, your sanity back, your motivation back, your foresight… it's worth it. I promise. It seems like a miracle list, but this is a list that I've spent ages curating, having tried various other supplements which don't do much. It will do so much for you it's unreal.

    Remember, weed can be physically addictive, but it is much more so psychologically, and for most people, once you find out your triggers for wanting to use weed (to enjoy food more, to numb stress, to have better sex…) you can identify the thing you need to come to terms with whilst SOBER and then remove weed from your life for good.

    I really hope at least one person finds this useful… remember, you're not alone

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  4. Love from india ❤️❤️
    When uhh have been through this you have to see this types of video because there uhh realise that you are not alone in this type of problems
    I bet uhh
    You are gonna good boy
    Ahhh haaa fight with it believe in your self and last donot overthink 😊

  5. I smoked everyday from July 2019 to May 2020. I quit in May, and the first 3 months were amazing. But around about August was when depression suddenly got shot into me. So sudden. All my positivity diminished in a day, and from August to around the week before posting this comment, I had severe anxiety and depression. Negative thinking about everything, overthinking about everything. But it all went away after I smoked again. I don't wanna go back to doing it every day, but it's kinda sad that sobriety went from my best friend to my worst enemy.

  6. It’s cool you don’t haft to stare into the camera and I know why ye don’t like it I have depression and anxiety aswell lad like proper depression and shit I have it for ages me until it wears off and then I don’t get it for along time again

  7. every single symptom you described with anxiety attacks, breathing, heart palpitations i felt the EXACT same thing. I quit because i had smoked a zoot before bed and had a bad panic attack, the next day at work i had two panic attacks and rushed to A&E (i had never had one before so i honestly thought i was dying or losing my sanity). So i thought ok quit coffee & weed. God knows its been a struggle, i relapsed 3 times (different days) and each time it made the anxiety and intrusive thoughts worse the following days. Yesterday insomnia tried to kick in for the first time. But the intrusive thoughts & earworms was a daily problem for me. I thought i was losing control of my brain many times and the intrusive thoughts included suicide (i know i would never but my brain kept replaying this same thought over & over). Now i listen to a bunch of podcasts about anxiety, how NOT to repress intrusive thoughts rather understand whats going on and how to relax. I recommend drinking a cup of chamomile tea right before bed every night to help relax, and maybe in the morning too. But the anxiety would try and creep in even whilst on the train heading into work. it was the worst. Crying really helps, as i read in the comments the emotions come back to haunt you – after 4 years of blocking it all out, my brain & mind just wants to express every thought possible. Im still on my journey but had to share in case someone feels alone, youre not. and youre not going crazy, youre more sane than ever now. Good luck to everyone on this wild journey, we will come out stronger than before & thank you for this video. knowing someone else can relate even the slightest bit gives extreme peace of mind and reassurance.

  8. Cannabis is an alkaloid. It simulates alkalinity in your body. If you quit cold turkey i advise fasting for a week or two or eat fruits and veggies mostly to make your body as alkaline as possible… it will alleviate the symptoms and give you the mental clarity needed to endure the withdrawal.

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