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  2. You are a bunch of quacks selling shit without propper proof your argumentation is just absurd that you state you have no idea about Morphology and plant processes or physics of the environment. It's pathetic. Further more your nutrience are not at all as special as you make them up do be yes nutrience is complicated but its just a redicules claim that people need to use your nutrience for a maxiumum result.
    Yes you can defoliate and get decent yields but does that makes sense from a comercial labor standpoint or a plant science standpoint? absolutly not…

    Plants are autotrophic which means they produce their own food by taking radiation photons CO2 and water getting Oxigen and carbohydrates as a result.
    With carbonhydrates togather with nutrience producing new tissue and also flower.

    Let me wrap up some of your aguments.
    "A Schwazze will provide the optimum light penetration through the canopy. This increases airflow and light to the lower nodes on the plant. You are essentially eliminating all shade spots. Allowing the energy to focus on the tips instead, where it needs to be focused for more flowering."

    Yes you improve light penetration indeed but you also reduce greatly light capure which is done by leafs which produce the carbonhydrates for the flowers being the sourse with the flowers being the sink. Yes you change the sink source balance by this but if there is no source the sink cant grow more. So ideally you should have a propper LAI capturing as much light as possible but only remove the leafs which dont act a source anymore using more carbonhydrates due to respiration than they produce.

    "The increased airflow provides the plant with a much stronger O2 and CO2 exchange. Basically, it lets it breathe!"

    Absolute bullshit CO2 uptake depends on a couplde of factors yes also on the airflow but CO2 is a gas that repidly diffuses. Factors important for the Uptake is the radiation/photosynthesis so also the amount of leafs, stomatal resistance, boundary laye and the ,CO2 concentration in the air (some small extra factors but not mayor important)

    "Think of it this way, every single leaf and bud on the plant is pulling nutrients from the soil, using more water, and requiring more light. With a good Schwazze, you reallocate these resources to provide them where we want them most, in the buds."

    Like I said before most important are carbonhydrates if the plant dont got sugars for new tissue there wont be growth…. its redicules. sure you can now argue about certain stress induceed hormonal signals… but you dont get the basics so that most likely means you have not even any idea about plant processes induced by abiotic stress…

    "Your plants won’t necessarily require more nutrients when Schwazzing. It’s the old quantity vs. quality debate. Quality wins every time. "

    Yes quality plays soemwhat of a role but can usually be ignored mostly due to the purity of the base mateiral usually being fullfilled its all about the ratio of it and there are enogh nutrience that do exact the same job because the macro and micronutrience requierments are the same. Also just besides the fact that I find it perverse looking at that branded nutrience industry… Noone in horticulture uses that you can use just basic nutrience even mix it yourself aslong you do it in the right order and you got the right nutrience recipt.

    There is much more to say but you just have a preditory buisness model chanrging too much money for a book that just bring nice looking pictures with poor informations…
    Its a absolute joke looking at it as a plant scientist and its embarresing to see that you charge so much money from people pushing this idea by any means.

    Do I say it does not work? no it works becuase cannabis is quiet resiliant but it wont be as economic nor productive as using another system where actually the light is used to a maximum.

  3. Helo i have a question how many weeks do u have in vegatation plants i have a sistem ?weeks vega and 8-9 flowering and this is prfect under 1 paund for plant bt i have a sicret for this sistem fertilizers is more inporten for big and sweet plants. these fertilizers you buy at the store are rubbish for one round you need at least $ 200 of these rubbish and appliances all together nearly $ 500 i make a round for $ 10 and such plants that you can just watch

  4. I know you guys are an awesome company and help out people with their questions. I have a couple questions that I could really use being answered if there was any way I could contact one of you guys personally would be amazing and really help out

  5. What an awesome video. Thanks again after watching your first three a light short video I did just the same with my lucky key and it came out great. Love your videos are you in soil or undercurrent. What are using for lights? Watching the density of those colas at the end was something

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