25 Best LED Grow Lights for Cannabis in 2017 – Review and Guide for Indoor Gardening

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  1. There is a led I would suggest checking out its a company called plant Photonics they are but in Spain . The ones I am planning to test are 2 300 Amethyst dual spectrum in a 4×4 gorilla grow tent I want to see what produces the best flowers my 1000w hps cmh combo of his led.

  2. Check out the specs on Iplantop 2000w upgraded led. Triple chip bridgelux 15w each with their own mounted fuse. 420 true wattage. 60 degree reflector with 60 degree emitting. 32000 lumens and par of 1900 at 18 inches. 5 year warranty. All for $279…

  3. The LED market is way too overwhelming for me. Can somone who knows the most about these leds tell me which one is the best for cannabis growing? Pick the best one for a decent price and I will trust you and buy it. It’s for four autoflowers. Quality is the most important for me so pick the one with the best quality!!
    Thank you in advance

  4. Bullshit I have never seen any commercial grower use these lights and show me on youtube who has proof theses are the best lights. Show us the end product with how many pounds these light yield per plant? ANYONE OUT THERE USe these lights

  5. Alright i have about 120 bucks to spend on a led.. I am torn on what to get. Been looking at maxxisun 300w bloomspect 300w Viparspectra 300w reflector series. And possibly even going up to the 450w reflector series . any comments suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also it would be for 1 to 3 plants max no tent all organic soil grow. Lemme know thoughts!

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