2020 Daily Trail Markers: Senator Bernie Sanders rolls out new marijuana legalization policy

At 4:20 p.m. Eastern on Thursday, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont rolled out an ambitious new plan to legalize marijuana. If elected president, Sanders …


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  3. The war on drugs (weed) has ruined the lives of countless Americans. Isn't it time to stop locking up our own citizens for a victimless crime?? Take it from me, I was in college and was jailed for a month for less than a gram of weed. Now I've finished college (with honors) and I cant get a solid job. Where is the justice? Well they took my money alright. It's a business now, and its disgusting. Bernie plans to change that, Biden wants to turn the industry over to big pharma which is good short term, but not long term. Before you vote, think about this issue simply, should we lock our citizens up over a law that was passed over 50 years ago with the intent to target minorities. Imagine that you, a hard working tax paying citizen, being put in jail with criminals and being treated like trash by the police because you smoked a plant. Sanders 2020, vote for change.

  4. Socialism And Bernie Sanders
    Those who are making the decision to vote for Bernie Sanders and socialism should attune themselves, not only to themselves but the future generations of this great country.
    The guliiable people of this country are being led to believe that they are going to get a free ride in the socialist system of govermment.
    Nothing can be further from the truth.
    The socialist my dangle a few freebies in your face but like a snake salesman it is only to get you into the tent.
    "Nothing is free" I'm sure you heard that phrase before and it is so true.
    Socialism is about gaining power and keeping power.
    Want proof just look at all the socialist countries around the world such as Russia,China,Cuba just to name a few. When was the last time you saw free elections in any of those countries?
    Socialism is not about spreading the wealth it's about spreading the poverty.
    Cant happen here you say, well it's happening right before your very eyes.
    Go ahead and vote for BS and wake up one day and find that you have a dictator in power for life.
    Do you like the freedom of publically expressing your views?
    Well forget all that, in a socialist system you would be thrown in jail and your property would be confiscated  by the state.

    Why am I so passionate about socialism? I grew up in Cuba We had nothing there.
    When Sanders said that Castro was a great man it almost made me vomit.
    Sanders is a hard line Socialist and will turn this country into a third world dictatorial country in no time just like Castro did to Cuba.
    The best thing that ever happened to our family is when we legally came to this great country and became citizens.
    Our family was now allowed to prosper and we were free of fear of the government.
    Want proof from other people who lived in a socialist country?
    Copy this url and paste it into the youtube address bar.

    Bernie Sanders is trying to fight  alleged racism with racism against white people.
    He said that he will create a law that only blacks and other none white minorites will be allowed to grow and sell marijuanna.
    If that is not racism that I am the queen of England.

    To see this for yourself please do the same thing in youtube with the url below

    Sanders can't challenge Trump on his record of the past three years so he will have you believe that the African Americans are oppressed in this country and that he is the one who is going to save them.
    I am happy to say that we have reached a time in our great country where oppression of any race of people is long gone.
    African Americans have made great strives in this country, there are  African Americans doctors, scientist,judges, TV Hostmovies and shows,actors,news commentators,senators,governors,presidents of the USA,many  African Americans multi millionares and the list goes on.

    This is an old trick with some politicians with nothing in their record to speak of who try to make the public think that the country is in chaos and they will solve everything.

    Lets face it Trump is rough around the edges and he ruffles alot of feathers but he is not a politician,he hasn't learned to be a phony like them. He shoots from the hip and speaks the truth and most of all he gets the job done. The country has never in better shape.
    He needs to be judged on his deeds and not his personalty.
    Please don't buy into Nancy and her band of puppet cronies hatred.
    Do what's right for the country.
    God bless all of you

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