1. 11 days sober and when I think of the money I waste on weed it definitely hurts.i spend more on weed and less on food , became really skinny. I would find a way to buy weed . sometimes I would let my car payment bounced or rent money just to buy weed and wouldn't care bout late fees .for the last few months I used the cartridge one with is even expensive .weed putted me down in a lot of things .I'm feeling much better now and alive , I'm respected now and ppl look at me different now compare to before. I can see many positive things happening now.im planning not to go back .

  2. I love your video and explanation.

    I'd like to point out that weed doesn't create the addiction, we do. We become addicted to things, substances, activities, etc., because we're looking for ways to avoid how we feel with ourselves and our lives at that moment or in general.

    Weed, just like other plants and substances can be used for healing, for medicine as our western societies nowadays are so keen on having us take it. It can also help us establish more neural pathways than usual, in our brains.

    So, when you overdo it, just like with everything, it will have consequences. But it' not the plant's fault or evilness, just like it's not the gun's fault for killing someone, it's the person pulling the trigger.

    I find it sad that so many people demonize the plant after abusing it, because they don't want to take responsibility for their own actions and decisions, and much less exercise will power.

  3. Thanks for being so honest. I've been smoking for 10 years. I have to quit for my family. I want to be my best self for them. But honestly it's so hard… and some days I dont even see the point.. like are my kids really going to care if I smoke. Probably not. But i want to be a good example for them. I just need to find my reason for myself to do this. Guess I need more self respect. It's hard when you always feel inadequate anyways

  4. I’ve been a smoker since late 2017, after I graduated in 18’ it started getting out of control when I started being on my own at school, I’ve been getting more and more depressed, unhappy, and unmotivated your video has convinced to finally make the first step in quitting weed and stop letting myself use it as a crutch when life gets hard thank you for sharing your story and keep up the great work with the weight loss it’s a bitch to do believe in you man!

  5. 1:48 into a paused video & whole bunch of read comments to each is own as but I think as long as you good financially your head will be on straight for about 2 years I’ve had a blunt everyday & all it does is makes me calmer than I already am..obviously weed doesn’t hinder yu from much ..it’s a billion millionaires that smoke weed..I posted this at 6 in the morning off of bordism ..& it’s hope to the ones that’s can’t quit ..y’all gone be alr

  6. Dullness and the void. These very things perfectly describe your daily routine while on a everlasting 'tea' binge. It's like missing your true self. Please, stay in control, because I believe everything is a cure in moderation, but to keep the balance you, at first, got to acquire an immense amount of willpower. Wish you peace and Jah.

  7. Most beneficial weed quitting video I’ve watched so far 🙂 gives me a reassured perspective on why quitting weed is important for me. It’s been 4 days without a puff and I feel like crap, but just need to continually remind myself that weed is not my reward system. I used to have the idéation of smoking throughout my day but quickly realized that I cannot function to my best abilities like that. So I decided to save it for the evenings. But for the past year I’m realizing it’s as though weed is the only thing I’ve looked forward to at the end of every day. I know, it’s what’s holding me back, and taking this big step of quitting is terrifying and exciting, and feels Like my world is ending and starting. 🙁 🙂

  8. I stopped smoking weed because of a higher calling. And to stop smoking weed, I say think about what got you hooked on weed in the first place, and then make your decision from there. I had a girl that got me hooked on it and we ended up having a bad breakup. I was hooked for another 3 years after the breakup and enjoyed it actually. But recently it has gotten old for me and I didn’t like the path that my life was going if I would have kept blazing. Now I’ve came to the realization of why I was smoking in the first place and thought that it was dumb for me to even be smoking for this long. Don’t get me wrong weed is a great herb but don’t let it control you. When the signs are in front of your face to stop, just stop. There’s more life for you trust me!

  9. Glad I found this… I’m on day 3 of my sobriety. I’ve been smoking since I was 19 and I’m currently 27. Weed helped suppress my depression, emotions, and reality. I just want to feel again. I’ve been in my room for 3 days crying for no reason. Or maybe it is a reason idk. I’m just glad that I’m done and look forward to finding myself ❤️

  10. Very nice video! Hope you keep training and exercising. You would gain a TON of subs and views if you did a weight loss video progress transformation. It's a challenge, straight hard work and you will get a lot out of it in the long term.
    I'm on day 6 of quitting smoking weed, after 5 years of increased use until total substance abuse. It's been very hard. I have been feeling disappointed about my past and worried about my future, especially my health (thoughts like cancer and such).I was a functional smoker and was training at the gym and made a ton of gainz, aswell as perform well in school and retain a job even with my daily smoking habit. At my worst I was smoking 2 flavored blunts a day, dabs, pens etc. I had a 20-25$/day habit and smoked around 3.5gr a day.
    The hardest part about quitting the substance so far is dealing with real life problems. In my case these are long-term familiar problems, being far away from my girlfriend and family, feeling lonely and disconnected with the people that really matter to me. I always repressed these emotions while being high, but after quitting this week I have been very emotional (I cried 3 times already, sort of panic attacks). Today I was extremely close to buying edibles but I reminded myself that other people are counting on me and investing in me and I cannot disappoint them.
    I would describe it as a battle against your own brain. Your brain makes you feel sad (low dopamine) so that you end up craving smoking weed just to stop the pain. I haven't had sleep deprivation or hunger issues. I had quite a bit of mucus in my throat during the last 2 weeks of smoking but that went away rather quickly after stopping. What helps the most is exercise. Stay strong everybody!

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