1. got two and half years under my belt without smoking weed . Not only have i quit weed but i also stopped vaping nicotine and only have 1 cup of coffee a day before work and thats it .. My life has drastically improved and i have better days emotionally and everything is just easier to manage in my life . I recommend anyone that is thinking to stop to stop and coming from someone as myself who has smoked weed for since i was 16 *now 28 ; i never imagined id be on the other side of the fence pointing out the negatives rather than the postitives- quit smoking and i promise you see such a clear as day result .

  2. I think moderation and pacing yourself is ideal. I’ve been smoking for 16 years, 12 years daily. I’ve gave up bongs for years now, won’t touch that dab, shatter, rosin shit. I just put a one hitter in a pipe and might hit it twice. Put it down and go at it again hours later. I like a light buzz and the weed around today only takes two hits. Never get anxiety unless I get carried away with friends and a blunt.

  3. Whenever I stop smoking weed i feel so good about myself. I feel motivated, self confident and less anxiety. However, I always find my way back to smoking. I’m issue is I can’t do it causally if I do it I do it all day.

  4. Weed can reduce anxiety but it can also provide insight into things normally unconscious that will make you very anxious. It really depends on your personality, how much you smoke and what stage of life you're at.

  5. This year I decided to quit for good. It never really did anything positive for me and I had some extremely bad and anxious experiences mostly from parachutes bongs and edibles. I respect the plant but it’s not for me. Onwards!

  6. I haven't smoked weed in 10 years now. I miss it but my life catapulted forward after I stopped. Made some changes and went from making $13.5 an hr to now making 70k a year as an Aircraft Mechanic with plans on going back to school for a profession that makes even more.

    Weed holds you back. Glad I quit.

  7. Any advice for a guy whose smoked heavily for 20 years? Im on my first week and its torture. My man in the video I'm dealing with the fear monster too. As soon as i hit a doob the anxiety rips me in half. Im stuck in limbo. Im so glad ive heard someone else with the same resume as me experience the same thing.

  8. I took lsd and it really made me realize how much better off I am with out weed. I’ve taken lsd on a couple occasions and each time it reveals to me what I hate about weed. You just feel so much better without it you really do feel sharper when you stop.

  9. Have you still quit dude?
    7am here in the UK..I’ve just had my first joint of the day. 21 years I’ve been doing this shit..I really am desperate to knock it on the head. I get 2/3 days in and really start getting anxious and quit quitting.
    I need your mindset dude! Thanks for the video👍

  10. I work full time, been smoking for 10 years now. Every night I would smoke weed but rarely in the daytime, It helps me relax after a hard days work . Weed should only be smoked once a day i.m.o. I find that smoking in the day time really kills my motivation to do anything.It's also better than drinking alcohol or tobacco to me since I don't like the effects of other substance . But any who, good on you for quitting but i feel you'll be back to smoking weed again. I just hope you stay true to your words about not going hard on it like you used to.

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