Why Harvest Cannabis During the Full Moon? Mean Gene / Green Flower

With the full moon upon us, award-winning Emerald Cup breeder Mean Gene explains the ancient origins of the Harvest Moon and why it may be more …


  1. Not only longer shelf life when harvested on Full Moon, but also all the 'good stuff' in the plant is pulled up into the tips. I'd say, depending on the 'ripeness' of buds, and need to harvest, it need not be on the Full Moon, but any time that the Moon in waxing/growing… for example the 3rd quarter (half way to Full Moon), is good too. I would NOT harvest on waning Moon (if I had a choice), as all the stuff is going back down the plant. Having said that, i am sure that Ganja harvested on a NON-waxing, or Full Moon is going to be great too, but the Moon factor can make it a little greater 🙂

  2. Hi, great knowledge, so easy to understand, now I know why, oct 1st is next full moon, and my plant should be ready then, shall I harvest mine on that day if they look ready to harvest, and should I harvest when the trichomes are just getting amber or cloudy? Thanks.

  3. Outside of the box thinking I love it. If it produces positive results I'm all for it. People need to realize that just because you don't understand something. Doesn't mean it won't work. Lots of things are discovered through experience and repetition. You do something for a long time you start noticing small details that make a difference. That's what you call mastering your craft. He may not know the exact reasoning something works. He just knows it works through experience.

  4. In Central America lots of harvesting and planting are done according to the moon phase. It makes sense that the moon affects weed. Tides are stronger during the full moon too. The plant's ability to draw nutrients is probably different because of the moon's pull on liquids.

  5. I just can't follow this. I could understand harvesting at high tide, when the moon's gravity is pulling the water up into the plant, but what phase of the moon we see is just an optical effect. Low tide, less water in the plant because the moon isn't helping pull it up into the plant. So if you harvest on low tide you are going into the dry with less water, may dry quicker causing shorter shelf life. And this is just a maybe, i'd still want to see proof on the effect of tides on shelf life.

  6. Old farmers almanac explains moon phases with agriculture, best time to sow, prune, harvest etc, there's even a good moon setting to take boats out of water to be worked on ! the moon influences everything on earth.

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