Why CBD Oil Is Basically a Scam

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  1. If cbd oil is a scam, you're a scam artist. Typically what people like you do is put down products they've never tried but then offer their own books, tinctures and supplements for sale. You cannot be taken seriously.

  2. Your title is overhyped. Actually try the product, not just for a few weeks or a month and then maybe you'll be somewhat qualified to give a respectable opinion. The benefits of cbd and the wild claims that SOME assert have nothing to do with one another. Go after those taking advantage of people, not those who actually get the true benefits from them.

  3. My wife bought me some CBD oil so I can try to sleep better. It didn’t really seem to work for that but it did work on my anxiety ,which I did not even know it could do.. So I’m going to say it’s not a complete scam!

  4. It doesnt do anything its literally just vegetable oil…. people are making a killing off this bullshit that literally doesn't do anything. I wish i was smart enough to come up with this genius scam it’s only vegetable oil and you can make a killing selling this garbage and everyone wants to believe they are eating magical lollipops.

  5. Thanks so much for this video. I have been in unbearable pain for the last 2 years and couldn't understand why CBD oil did nothing for me other than decrease my bank account and did not like the high experienced using products 'high' in THC, which also did nothing for my pain. Lately I began suspecting this was a modern day 'tulip' scam …

  6. Mike, I'm so glad you did a podcast on CBD.

    I KNEW there was too much aggressive overhype of this product. Thanks to you I know now many "CBD" products contain ZERO if not a TINY amount of the active ingredient, canniboid. Also, there is a certain dosage one needs to take to lower anxiety. That dosage makes CBD prohibitively expensive. There is also very little to NO quality control of this product. What am absolute scam!

    The last thing this country needs is another unregulated drug. It sounds like CBD is the new Neurontin. That was a drug that a pharmaceutical company used to push as effective for seizures, pain, you name it. At least, that drug was made in a drug. CBD has no quality controls.

  7. I haven't listened to the entire thing yet, but I think the placebo aspect may play a big role into the effects of CBD oil. It's very influential and unique, in it's own right.

    If everyone swears to you that cbd oil helps you relax, build muscle, feel less stressed, raise your metabolism, cures cancer, answers the meaning of life, knows where god is, then your body will react accordingly to your beliefs.

    I'm still doing research for my own decision, and it's great to find a voice on the other side of the aisle that isn't raving about how it cured their grandmother's 300 health concerns.

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