What It's Like Inside A Canadian Marijuana Greenhouse

CannTrust produces about 18 types of marijuana streams with a variety of flavors and smells. High THC strains like Gold Kush, Royal Purple Kush and Blueberry …


  1. and me as a dutchman i am still not jealous that they have legal weed lol. infect i dont care anymore. i get my weed not from a shop because shop weed is pure garbage. i get my weed from a good friend of my who sells 100 percent pure biological grown weed about 25% THC pure Sativa. you wont get this quality in any shop in the netherlands. but i am still gald that we are one of the only countries in the world that legalized magic mushrooms (grow kits) magic truffles salvia and more. then again the netherlands is the drugs country of the world. always was and always will be. no other country will take that away from us.

  2. Every state in the U. S has different laws. Some don't even allow medical cannabis yet. And states that do are ripping people off. Here in New Jersey it's close to $500 for 1 oz!! It's insane.. and we only have 2 edibles. Shitty mints and shit wax candies… I might move to Canada.

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