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CBDSOLV.com I have a New Water Soluble whole plant CBD now as well that is amazing for pain!!!! My personal …


  1. Thank you!!! Can you talk about copaiba as well? Ive thought about using both together (ingesting) since i use copaiba externally for muscle fatigue and soreness. Both claim to effect the same receptors but have different pathways. Please let me know your thoughts. Warm regards- A

  2. Thanks for such a wonderful product!!! At the end of my first bottle and just ordered more. Glad to see you have flavors in stock this time around! I’m on a journey of “self care” and your suggestions have been extremely helpful!!! The cbd oil helps reduce my stress levels along with the med spa massager. Looking forward to trying it when Aunt Flo visits this month. Thanks for your integrity and content Mary!

  3. I can vouch that this product works! I’ve tried so many different CBD oils (that cost much more). I have fibromyalgia with alllll the pain , sleeplessness, and “fun” that goes along with that. It’s not a cure but I’m looking forward to gradually weaning off of my Tramodol and Cymbalta. If you are on the fence or curious, try it! I got the plain flavor and it tastes pretty good!

  4. I stumbled upon your channel a few days ago looking for the best oil diffuser to get. I’ve really loved watching your videos and just placed an order for the Pure. I’ve tried the CBD gummies but my husband can’t take the ones I got since they could contain .02% THC (because his job can randomly drug test) I’m very excited to try this. Thank you for all the information!

  5. How much would one need to take if you have rheumatoid, fibromyalgia, thyroid problems, bone on bone on both knees and anxiety. I know you said everyone will be different but just a range of how many ml daily would be good enough. Thank you for doing this video and look forward to getting this so I can start living my life once again. Take care

  6. I have a healthy little 2.7 year old son with a developmental speech delay, he was sleeping through the night but regressed to horrible sleeping since starting speech therapy 5 months ago, the pediatrician ok removing his nap a month ago but he’s still waking several times and even staying up for a couple of hours in the middle of the night! I just got a bottle of your product today with hopes of bettering this issue. I started diffusing from edens garden children line 2 weeks ago, I think I’ll try rubbing it on his feet. I’ll keep you posted. Sorry for long comment. I love your channel! 💕

  7. This product looks great and I would love to try it, however I am concerned about the emulsifiers in it. Most recent studies are suggesting the prompting of the inflammatory response from emulsifiers, especially regarding gut health. Also agave has a higher fructose level than any other common sweetener. If your formulation ever changes I will purchase.

  8. I have so many questions but some of them are personal….can I contact you via email?

    Does this CBD oil have any hormones in it? I’m a breast cancer survivor & was diagnosed as HER positive which means that my cancer fed off of my hormones so therefore I can NOT take anything that has hormones in it.

  9. Hi Mary, I love your channel! 🙂
    Thank you so much for all your very helpful information.

    And now my question, I have looked into CBD products in the past but so far I havent tried it. I heard from a few people that they had to up there dosage after a little while to experience the same relaxing results. Have you experienced anything like this? It sounds if you are still only taking a maximum of 4-5mls that it works for you the same way ongoingly.

    Best wishes from Germany! <3

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