1. Cbd is great and Zilis also has a full spectrum CBG that is amazing! Works on the C2 receptors give an entourage effect When taken along with CBD. I can’t make Claims due to FDA Zilis is a full spectrum with absorption level of 90-94% ultracell technology Zilis also a medical study performed by Mayo Clinic in 2018. Zilis is a private company owned clear and free. Zilis has gold standard products and all their hemp products received US Seal of Hemp authority. Zilis just launched in Europe,UK some Latinos countries a great way to help yourself and great financial opportunity, I can help you

  2. Ka-naba-die-ol. Let’s stop this parroting hype train. The skin is built to keep things out, including these BS balms. The oral efficiency is absolutely laughable. At best an expensive placebo at any typically sold dose. Vaping it or exceptionally high oral concentrate are the effective choice. Oral ingestion in a meaningful dose is so expensive it should only be for cancer patients and the like. Hot air passing over the plant matter is enough. And how about touching on the negative effects? or should we just keep the positive hype going with no breaks while the producers get rich.

  3. Hello Brian, that’s awesome that you are experimenting with CBD. We are a Hemp Derived CBD Manufacturer in the USA, we would love to connect with you. We have sent you a DM on your Instagram account. Hope to hear from you, and by the way Teeka episode was excellent and he is 100% correct on the growth and future of the CBD Market.

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