1. Iโ€™m a veteran of Vietnam and I need my medicine and that is marijuana, I need it for my anxiety and depression and ptsd, I stopped taking pills when a veteran friend got blood clots from taking those syke meds and he lost his leg, and later he got another clot in his other leg and he died, and I said I would never take any more of those pills and marijuana has worked for me without any side effects or problems so this is why many veterans choose marijuana for their ptsd and others things like that.pills just have too many side effects and marijuana donโ€™t, it soothes my anxiety and makes me feel better and helps me with ptsd, I urge all veterans who suffer from anxiety or ptsd to give marijuana a try itโ€™s helped a lot of people, the Mexican and the native Indian of my state of Texas have used these plants for medication for hundreds of years and this is written fact.

  2. Trump/Pence are Winning and Biden and Harris are sinning, ************Trump just might legalize nation wide ! Trump 2020 ! *************************
    If voted in I really think he will, this will aid in the recovery from the COVID virus and help recover the economy …. VOTE TRUMP 2020 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I am facing felony charges in Guadalupe county for having Marijuana carts on me, they are trying to say I am manufacturing a controlled substance!?! I've had bad back problems since I was 24 and I am now 41 and it isn't getting any better. I dont like taking pharmacy pills, ive got stuff to do. Marijuana is the only thing I like to take for my pains and they are trying to say me, as a grown man can't partake in nature!?! That is absurd. They want to crucify me for something I can do in Vegas or Cali. Texas needs reform

  4. I smell a class action lawsuit! How can they discriminate on the type of issues like that? i have glacouma and a expensive medical marijuana card. and it seems like it's only for the "well off sick" to begin with. it grows for free! why can't we just medicate the sick for free?

  5. It's our old timey law makers and our governor who are the problem with Texas I really hope this year we Texans have a real chance with all the bills filed in multiple areas from legalization to decriminalization more than anything the medical marijuana needs to be the priority all the states surrounding Texas are green but because we have 80 year old law makers they are stuck in the old ways and our governor Gregg Abbot who's track record clearly shows he only does things for his benefit Yes he passed the compassionate use act which only helps a couple hundred Texans at best and even then it is really hard for the children with the certain Illness to get the cannabis they need it's time for Texas to get with the program

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