Weed Expert Ben Cort's Interview With Cornerstone of Recovery

“Weed” doesn’t do the marijuana conversation justice, says Ben Cort, one of the nation’s foremost policy experts on the subject. Legalization of cannabis is tied …


  1. My fear is that all the science and propaganda spread by pot-heads and the weed corporations is validating continued use and maybe increasing new users. Especially as the propaganda is so one-sided and truly buries the side-effects under a mountain of bias.

    I am an ex-pot-head, and everyone should live with pot-heads and watch the increase in severity and frequency of domestic violence, and the fights and murders over a weed. Everyone should watch as pot-heads smoke weed around their kids and watch as those kids go to school and get in trouble or diagnosed with ADHD when they are actually going through withdrawals.

    Yeah they'd find something else to be addicted to, but not really – all i see is legalising will mean the people already smoking will just get more and that ain't good. There is "beginning stages" science studies starting to officially show increases in consumption is correlated with increases in violence. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3782298/ highlight: any consumption of marijuana increases intimate partner abuse.

    Legalise it, decriminalise it, i don't care
    Tell the truth
    increases in violence, increases in lust, and increases in crimes of lust and violence
    increases in bad habits and behaviours because smoking pot becomes people's coping mechanism

    Good luck

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