1. Please don't paint cannabis as "the miracle Plant" , cannabis is not for everyone! people with mental disorders don't do good on this plant, so please don't say only the good side, show the bad side as well as the good side, its not until you see it in your close ones, then you realize it is not all good as claimed

  2. Hmm… The white matter that shows up more in teens because of Medicinal Cannabis, I wonder if the same is true for teens on antidepressants? Antidepressants have so many side effects and cautions, way more than medicinal cannabis does. I started smoking Medicinal Cannabis at the age of 12. I was self medicating. I have a really high I.Q. too. My friends were very intelligent as well. So I don't believe this hurt us one bit. And there are so many millionaires and billionaires that started at a young age as well. As with any medicine you shouldn't abuse it. There is no sense in smoking a whole joint for oneself. Two or three hours and that should do you well for three to four hours. There are people following in the footsteps of others who think they should smoke a whole joint for just their self, because they see others doing it. That's where it is bad. There's no reason ever to smoke that much. You're hurting yourself by over medicating. It's wasteful too. I actually smoked myself straight at my first concert I went too. It was an Aerosmith Concert (A Rock In A Hard Place; Reunion Arena Dallas, Texas). Between 5 people we had rolled up a quarter ounce joint and smoked it all. My friend passed out, but me and the others finished it. And at one point I had become straight, it was a trip. And then I got stoned again. I never ever smoked that much ever again. It was a cool experience, but I'll never do that again. And this was Skunk strain at that time, the best you could get. Steven Tyler back then was so wasted, that he had the words post to the stage. He did a great job! Lost my voice for several days, and hearing for a day. I could hear, just not real well.

    Anyways, I live in Texas and Texas has not legalized Medicinal Cannabis. It terrible because I live in a lot of pain and medicinal cannabis is what allows me to be out of bed for at least 4-6 hours a day. The Neurosurgeon botched the back surgery I never really needed. It was a bulging disc that would have repaired itself and he knew this and he pretty much new what to say and do to convince me I needed surgery. So unfortunately I believed him and didn't get a second opinion if I had I would have been all right. He had high risk Insurance even though I had a great lawsuit until the lawyer found out that he had high risk insurance and they backed out, because they would have dragged it out where nothing good would have came out of it. So if you live in Arlington Texas stay away from Doctor Frederick Todd II. He has messed up lots of people. I know of people who have been in terrible motorcycle accidents car accidents messed up their whole back and their back to life.medicinal cannabis is the only thing that takes away the burning and crushing feeling in my back and legs and relieves that for 4 to 6 hours. So if Texas doesn't legalize medicinal cannabis soon I'm going to move to a state where it is legal. it should be totally legalized in every state. By the way, Alcohol is the true gateway drug.

  3. Thank you Dr. Gupta. I;m a 72 yo female. Cannabis saved my life. 118 medications didn't work it was down to steroids and narcotics. I don't think so. I tried the cannabis and really didn't give it any hope. Within 24 hours I had pain reduction and 48 hours started getting symptom control for Chrones. Totally free of fibro, arthritis and 90% Chrones control NO pain. My blood test are normal and I'm healthier than my friends on meds. Thank you Jesus for this plant. Thank you Dr. Gupta for educating people.

  4. politicians throughout the western world should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. I have a spinal injury and have been using cannabis for 6 days. My pain levels, muscle cramps, and nerve pain have all been GREATLY reduced. I have also not slept this good since high school, I am waking up early(before my alarm) and more rested than I have felt in years.

  5. Thank you for posting this very important series. My state legalized medical MJ, but there is still so much unwarranted stigma. As a medical profession and parent of 2 medical professions, the medical community is absolutely FOR legalizing MMJ. Now petitions are being passed around to legalize cannabis for recreational use. I have shared this video series many times to educate people about the extraordinary benefits of MJ as MEDICINE. Thanks, Dr. Gupta for an incredible documentary about cannabis!

  6. But what some people do not realize is that CBD only, which does not help with pain or neurological pains. It does have its uses, but as our bodies are made of an Endocannabinoid system, and god put this plant on earth to be utilized for humans and animals for this reason. Not for the government and pharmaceutical companies to breakdown and profit off of which only utilizes some of the plants properties and hence does not create the same effectiveness to help in the same way as using the entire plant, weather male or female plants are utilized. United States Patent_ 6630507. Not even looking into the facts of the true history’s research and studies from United States and countless other countries that have been performed since the 1930’s, plus the 5,000 years prior to this. All the writings by countless practitioners from those days are not practical. But the Bible is all facts and truth. I must be drug tested to work and pay the taxes for the salaries of these officials and the ones in our country that cannot work or don't work (Social Security, welfare, unemployment, etc.) and none of these recipients have to take an drug test. How does this system work? United States Patent_6630507.

  7. Epidilox costs something like $32K or something like. Buy the CBD from Charlotte's Web (named after Charlotte Figge) and it's $300 for more than a month supply. Epidilox also has a long list of side effects–a few severe. How does this make any sense (cents). (Don't work for them.)

  8. This plant saved my life. I suffered from chronic pain and depression from having a brother die of a heroin overdose. The same week, I tore my acl, mcl, and a tendon in my knee. A friend recommended medical marijuana, so I picked up some edibles which contained 20mg cbd, 10mg thc. I cut the pieces into a 25% dose, take twice a day. Once at 10am, once at 4pm. No pain, no depression. Saved my life

  9. Perhaps, the focus should not be Marijuana, but instead it should focus on HEMP which has more CBD to THC compared to Marijuana. Hemp and Marijuana are both Cannabis plants but Hemp has more Health benefits and has no psychoactive effects versus Marijuana… Hemp is all about the Health and not the high.

    Look it up. Educate yourselves. Empower yourselves.

  10. Marijuana makes you dumb, lazy and submissive that's why the government is legalizing it. The best medicinal marijuana has very little thc. These dopers who grow dope aren't interested in medicinal marijuana because they're dopes who just want to get high. Only dopes smoke dope and if you don't like this comment it's because you're a dope. Stupid ass fucken drug addict dopers. If you smoke dope everyday then you're a drug addicted dope. Stupid fucken dopes

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