Walz preps MN for pot legalization

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz says he’s ordered state agencies to be prepared to legalize recreational marijuana next year if the Legislature approves a bill.


  1. "We didn't even do a study group, we just defeated it."
    Did you maybe not do a study group because you know you're wrong and are going against the wishes of the majority of minnesota simply because you said so, as a power move?
    Can't imagine Ted will make it passed mid terms, along with the rest of the senate. Disgraceful and downright shameful they all are.

  2. Looks like Minnesota Republicans hate freedom and personal choice. I thought they were the party of small govt and individual liberties. Just because all you pompous elitist think you are saving Minnesota from the ravages of cannabis, you are so disillusioned from propaganda and your ignorance shows. How arrogant are you to decide what is good or moral. God created cannabis for humans to consume. That is why whe have an endocannabinoid system programmed in our dna. Are you saying God made a mistake and you know how to correct it. That you are the moral arbitrator for all. If you haven't used cannabis personally then you have no idea what you are talking about and should seek the opinions of people who actually know. All you are doing is keeping the criminal element thriving, making good people automatic criminals and wasting LEO's time resources enforcing the freedom hating laws prohibiting cannabis. And for you polititions that think that its moral to jail someone for cannabis and have them lose tens of thousands in lawyer bills and bail bond fees along with civil forfiture for posession of a plant that is less dangerous than tylenol and alchohol would make our founding fathers of this nation roll in their graves. Do what's right and what the people want, that's your job. We dont care about your personal feelings about it. You represent the people not yourself. Off topic but how about you remove the flouride from the water I dont like to be medicated without my consent. Flosillic acid is a industrial byproduct, it's not a natural form of flouride found in the environment. It's a neurotoxin that accumulates over time. The rest of the world has stopped the fluoridation of drinking water why haven't we? Two things that affect every minnesotan. How about you do something already.

  3. Republicans in the State Legislature must be voted out in 2020. Don't be naive and think Minnesota residents won't just drive to Illinois or the Michigan Upper Peninsula when those 2 states start recreational cannabis sales on January 1, 2020. Do it now MN, or miss out on the tax revenue to fellow blue states IL and MI. This is what all real blue states in the Midwest and West are doing.

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