Wake & Bake America 726 Incredibles Edibles, Rosin Presses, CBD Seizures, & Alcohol And Cannabis



  1. Edibles are never going to make a big dent in the way it is consumed normally i.e. smoking or vaping. This is down to it taking so long to kick in, the duration and intensity of edibles. There is a big whole new field of smokables, vapeables, and dabables opening up that even long-time flower users still have to experience. Combine that with the reduction in alcohol usage people will only use more cannabis than ever.

  2. I think if you guys added a crypto payment option you'd get a little bump in members. A lot of people still have good reason to be paranoid of having something connected to growing on their credit card or banking statement.

  3. thanks for the shout to at the end there i am tricombedungeon710 on instagram . that made my day i sacred everyone in the house when i yelled out loud in joy for my shout out ..love & respect what you guys do keep up the good work always waking & baking with you all onelove & respect to the DGC & all its crew πŸ™‚

  4. Omg, I'm out visiting in Astoria, Oregon. Legal cannibus land (yeah, I'm way to happy right now. ) It's so nice to not be a criminal while enjoying my kind. Stopped on the way home from pdx at Sweet Relief and picked up "Laura Winslow #6" sugar sause . Now understand, DGC is part of my morning routine that makes for a better day. But today…oh yeah. Today my Dude Grows morning is next level excellent.

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