Vinegar Weed Killer – Does It Work – compare Roundup, vinegar and salt

Does vinegar kill weeds? I tested vinegar, Roundup and salt to see if they kill weeds. Vinegar does not kill weeds and I’ll explain why so many people think it …


  1. Salt, vinegar, and dish soap mixed together will work. I have used it. It must be mixed together. The salt dissolves well into the the distilled vinegar. The vinegar is acidic, around 5%, and the salt essentially chokes the plant roots. You can get stronger vinegar on Amazon. The more salt the stronger the solution. The idea is to use cheap, human safe, readily available items to make the weed killer solution. I already know the 41% Glyphosate Concentrate works well, but it is expensive and harmful to humans. If you feel like going to the the trouble, hot, near boiling salt water does the trick instantly. You could even heat up the vinegar, salt, and soap solution to near boiling if you desire. Careful, Safety first.

  2. From all the recipes I see online, you're supposed to combine salt, vinegar, and dish soap. You used salt, and vinegar separately and no dish soap. What motivated you to stack the deck in favor of roundup? Just to promote your book? Should we expect more of the same type of thing in it as well?

  3. Actually, I beg to differ with you. I did the vinegar, salt and dish soap spray. I also did straight vinegar. Both sprays killed off huge thistles that were coming in from my neighbours yard. that was a month ago and they have not grown back.

  4. The positively-charged side of the water molecules are attracted to the negatively-charged chloride ions and the negatively-charged side of the water molecules are attracted to the positively-charged sodium ions. Essentially, a tug-of-war ensues with the water molecules winning the match. Water molecules pull the sodium and chloride ions apart, breaking the ionic bond that held them together. After the salt compounds are pulled apart, the sodium and chloride atoms are surrounded by water molecules, . Once this happens, the salt is dissolved, resulting in a homogeneous solution.

  5. Lol. I've just been reading your replies in the comment section. So, salt is bad for the soil and roundup/glyphosate is less harmful to the soil and breaks down harmlessly within weeks does it? Utter rubbish. Studies have found glyphosate in the soil four years after treatment. The Iranians are getting desperate trying to find a solution to remove it because it is practically impossible.

    Glyphosate was used for industrial cleaning to demineralise pipes before it was repurposed by monsanto as a herbicide. It strips the soil of all minerals and kills the good bacteria in the soil. It effectively kills the soil not just the weed.

    To say judge and jury are not capable of understanding scientific research presented to them in a court of law is pure fantasy. It's no surprise Monsanto still deny the scientifically proven connection between roundup and cancer. They denied the effect their DDT was having on the environment for eight years despite knowing exactly what was going on. Shame on you.

  6. In this video you didn’t use the correct recipe to kill weeds naturally . You forgot the Dawn dish detergent it’s supposed to be dawn and vinegar and salt . That’s the recipe on the Internet so let’s see in experiment with the correct recipe . As most people have pets and children we don’t want to use round up . Many municipalities like mine if you have pets and children you cannot use round up if you live next-door you have to tell your neighbor and get permission if they have pets or children .

  7. Please don't use Round up. People have won lawsuits in court, because it's linked to cancer and the company admitted it knew about this outcome years before it was known by the public. Please research what I'm telling you and you'll find out I'm telling the truth. Vinegar and salt and Dawn dish detergent does work, I've used this method for years

  8. The big advantage of using vinegar, is that if you spray weeds on raised beds then you achieve is an instant weakening of the weed plants (as demonstrated in your video), and then you mulch the bed with compost/very well rotted manure and the weeds are totally suppresed. All totally organic!

  9. Here in Australia vinegar costs about $1 per litre and that won't cover much area. You can buy a lot of diluted glyphosate for $1. Digging/hoeing weeds costs nothing and saves the cost of a gym session.

  10. I personally don’t care if the vinegar spray kills the weed in my gravel driveway or not! It does what “I” want, which is to control the weeds, and it does that as well as glyphosphate containing products (GCP). I know this to be true, because I have used both and seen the results firsthand. GCP kills the weeds in my driveway outright, and the vinegar/salt/detergent mixture (VSD) “kills them back”. In my experience, the GCP treated gravel drive grows weeds back just as quickly (albeit from seed contamination) as the VSD treated gravel drive. I may have to spray with the VSD a tad more often, but that’s fine with me as I consider this application to be more benign to health and environment than GCP.

  11. I do get tired of people saying things like "vinegar is better than chemicals". Vinegar is a chemical. So is soap, so is Epsom salts. None of them can be assumed to be harmless. Just because something has a common name, is familiar and has been around for a long time doesn't mean it is superior to, or safer than a purposely-developed, "artificially" manufactured product.

  12. You say the rain water will eventually carry the salt and kill everything…won't roundup do that also? I've used the combination of salt vinegar and Dawn soap and just sprayed it directly on the weed itself, and it did work. I'd rather use this than support the sale of roundup.

  13. This is a healthy alternative to chemical weed killer…pollinator and pet friendly…vinegar AND salt, I use pool salt, and Dawn works…but may take more than one spray….look up the recent court ordered payment for Roundup because it is unhealthy. Dawn causes the salt vinegar mixture to adhere to the plants…the SALT is the actual killer…not sure why vinegar is added but my guess is it enhances the salt action/reaction.

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