VERIFY: Will CBD oil make you fail a drug test?

Marijuana is rich in the compound THC, which gets you high. While CBD isn’t pot, it does have a tiny bit of THC in it. Check out more Verify here: …


  1. If it has thc in it it will. I failed a pre employment drug screen and had stopped taking it several days ahead of the test. I was shocked when I was called to be informed I would not be getting the job I had been offered due to positive drug result for marijuana. I goto a methadone clinic and had been taking the same cbd oil for months and always passed my urine test at the clinic which was why I was shocked when the company hr person told me I failed the one for the job. Just be careful, I am almost sure it was because I used a different brand for a few days before stopping but to be sure stop several weeks before if you can.

  2. the largest weed company in the world bought the largest weed company in the usa not that long ago…companies that big do not gamble with money….they only take action if its a sure thing…they know something the general public does not….federal legalization is closer than most think. the shift away from opioids has already begun….just turn on the news….for people in pain the federal legalization of mj will be awesome….reduce pain without the fear of losing ones job

  3. Tbh I love cbd it has helped my anxiety and paranoia also made me happier and helps me be less irritable and stabilizes my mood in a happy state it makes me chill And feel good. For the past 5 years I couldnt sleep through the night and had trouble falling asleep but when I take it I have a super easy time falling asleep. Fuck the big pharma the medicine these days cost like 800 without insurance and its addictive and meds you can overdose but when I take cbd everything in my life just becomes happy and it relieves pain super fast I can name like 10 more things it helps me with but man they just gotta legalize weed everywhere

  4. For people who really want to know if CBD or HEMP without hearing " maybe it will ", the answer is straight up YES HEMP OR CBD WILL MAKE YOU FAIL A DRUG TEST. I have smoked a hemp flower that said on the package NO THC. I'm dead serious, it said that! I wish I remembered the name of the company, but here's the sad truth. I find marijuana to be pretty addicting ( for me, so before you potheads start bashing me, I know it's not physically addictive ) and I quit smoking weed because I was going to actually get another job, because you guessed it, they drug tested. So I decided to smoke hemp flower and CBD oil, which both claimed have no thc. As much of an gullible idiot I was, I smoked it as an alternative. Didn't really make me feel anything, and when it was time to take the test, I tested positive! I was so pissed, I truly wanted to give these companies that made these products a piece of my mind, but I knew it wouldn't have done any good.


  5. I got some CBD hemp flower with. 3 thc and I took a drug test just to see and I failed that test,do mot trust. Stay away from these products if you have a job or if your Freedom is at risk.. now my question is how long will it stay in my system?? I smoke it for about 1.5 weeks…

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