1. I too delt with anxiety and depression 20+ years. I hate taking xanax .50mg. It Helps but, I need to move on to something natural. I'm seriously looking into pen vaping CBD. How many mg is in your pen cartridge???

  2. Do get a feeling of high like smoking a jnt ? Give you that high vision? Or does it like just give that relaxing feeling? I need something like this, trying to stay away pills and that prescribed stuff

  3. I want to try CBD vape but I’m only 18 and they changed the laws in my state to 21. It’s so stupid because i want to try it so bad because all the medications I’ve been on haven’t really done anything for me.

  4. Works good, I use 1.1 THC/CBD. No meds got off them all with this, hated side effects of meds. Sorry your having a hard time, break ups are hard, but toxic pple will kill you. You never know what mood they will be in today, keeps your whole system on High alert hate That feeling, congrats you’ll get thru it🙂🙏 get toxic pple out of your life. It makes great difference.

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