Tips for Monster outdoor marijuana buds

This episode I’ll b walking threw garden talking about what’s been doing and what I’ll b doing until harvest. GG#4 is the one getting flushed with icewater and …


  1. I prefer to sprinkle chocolate chips and peanut butter…….. WTF…. Nothing like making something simple into something ridiculous….. Its your genetics making the look and be the way they are…. You recommend ice water another guys says warm your water…. One says coffee grounds and egg shells…. See how stupid this all becomes…. You prolly used to do craft beer and before that a coffee house guy…. KISS rule man

  2. Help!!! I live in bc canada I'm growing grill glue 4 I started then indoor from seed February 😕than put them out on my porch in June it's Sept 11 and they just started budding wee buds and look great they stand 6 feet tall I'm afraid they are too slow and the frost will get them it goes down to 12 °c at night to 28°c during the day I have been using diatomaceous earth coffee grounds will growth no bugs can you give advice to produce faster and they have been in five galon pails

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