This CBD Oil CURED my anxiety | Ananda Hemp

Hey everyone! This is an honest review of Ananda Hemp CBD oil and my experiences with it. I hope you enjoy! Use code MEAG1 for 10% off your order …


  1. my dog used to be paralyzed from the waist down (she is about 5 ponds and small) and we have her CBD Oil, and now 2 years later (it only
    took a few months to a year to get her legs working again) she is walking, running, jumping, and her legs work again!

  2. Try putting it under your tongue and holding it there for about 15-30 seconds before swallowing. The glands under the tongue help with better absorption and may even act faster. I work at a dispensary and that is the way we tell most medical patients to use tinctures but it will still work on top of tongue or however you prefer 🙂

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