1. My research into Cannabis began in the end of 1973 when I began a law career. The first year student picked up a Supreme Court case that could have stopped all this shit. Alas it began with a couple pedophile cases I took to my neighbor whom was a secret grand jury member…some secret…well we are all masons OK…so grandfather said yer in over yer head. I was kind of an action guy and had just ended a state dept bodyguard position for an ulcer …and I was young and learning who I was and not what my rich old lawyer grandfather said he wanted me to be. Well I took heat somewhere in the pedophile case as now my house is being searched and someone found 3/10 gram of seeds and tore apart my house..I was a regular at the police of sheriffs or courthouse so when I walked in I picked up the evidence of other evil findings and walked out the door and in had the combination to the evidence safe however the seeds were now rolling to DPS to grow and test for marijuana I couldn't beat the rapp. Now this is in the landnof Billy Jack….watch the movies one and two and pay attention ..and this is going on 50/years ago these are tales of oldnshoot from the boot Arizona. And I am a gun carrying 7 foot tall crusader. No one needed anything like that as dark JFK forces congregated in Prescott and deep secrets were buried all over the place and so I marshalled with the enemy to save my ass which the enemy of any conservative Republican masonic wasp household the ACLU and NORML and Playboy Foundation and a couple interesting lawyers John Flynn came out of hiding the you have the right to remain silent guy way back when…and we started up a long road toward the big white marble washing n DC court ..not in 1974 you ain't gunna get it …the world war 2 crowd was still in semi firm control. And our case fell apart 3/4 the way up the grand staircase and I spent the rest of my life smoking cannabis and eating cannabis and trying to tell everyone america had gone cuckoo making illegal the largest trade item of the last 13,000 years or so. And that we are out of our minds if we don't think we can't start a new huge government organization with a cool alphabet soup of its own the dept. of cool or something and build create laboratories world wide costing trillions to study the other fucking 1000 adaptagen molecules of this plant. It would take 100s of labs and thousands of people maybe millions and another several hundred years to combine these under multiple parameters but why not for Christ sake someone use your heads we are going the wrong way….like the hitites ..really…but they had hemp damn it it will take hundreds of years to find all the new money making properties of these one thousand untested molecules….and the first nine of these delta cannabinols have saved the world from cancer and most All major disease. Now i was disinherited disenfranchised and spent my life wondering if there wasn't something wrong with ME . But I stuck to my guns now for 44 fucking years and it ain't been easy. I grew up in a lawyers house …a 32° mason. I know what a proper house looks like and for the most part you just want to do things right and go along and get along. But to me this all looked really crazy in some way in did not understand I knew there was something wrong and huge coverups were taking place. My family was really nuts. But proper. I had to get out of this town of masons and figure out who I was. I developed a nice six figure business and rolled back into town with a white leather Lincoln and a fat wad and took gramps to go buy a new cadillac as my company liked sharp looking sales people. So I was in a catastrophic motorcycle crash before we got time to pick up the new ride. My family could never forgive me for the city-wide embarassment and I still stuck to my guns.. so I went to live in my best friends house and his dad was city councilman and he adopted me. My friend was the door keep at the lodge and told me i had been blackballed by my own brother. in was not to be a mason..no more…his dad was getting pressure from dark forces and could not penetrate the layers of secrecy of many strange things in Prescott and in 1981 when all family was out of town he went before the full city council meeting of about 300 people delivered a give me liberty or give me death kind of speech pulled out a .38 special and blew his brains out. Martyring himself because of this inability to steer the town the right direction. Gus came out of a foxhole in Korea and wanted nothing but better for his four children and one giant…me….and thought we would live worry free in our safe mountain fortress…personally I have never lost faith in america and it's positive innovative people and the directions THEY lead us to. But I watch McCain stand up and say Washington is in gridlock and the next breath congratulate all his feolow senators and proud to work with them…to what end I now know. Its the globalists vs. the nationalists folks that is the battle so why doesn't trump size Soros holdings and charge him with espionage? Are they all connected… are the pedophile cannibal criminals, claimed by news sources saying 1/3 of congress and senate are such cults of blood drinkers. By George its time to slay the dragons and serpents again? Oh well it certainly made my day to see this isreali fellow get these great scientific prizes for what I've sat in jail for. Marijuana

  2. Oh the joys of America do no wrong but live in 20 trillion in debt no affordable health care charges you for not having it but taxes the shit out of this dangerous drug. What about the kids you say? Your right we saved them with cbd.

  3. This documentary is extraordinary! The credibility of this documentary is what makes this so wonderful. The scientist was simply investigating the medical benefit of cannabis with no ulterior motives. We need more scientists studying this natural medicine!!! At 14:21– the scientist testifies that CBD helps decrease and even cure epilepsy. The study was published 3 decades ago and yet the medical community did NOTHING!!! This tells me how CORRUPT and disengaged the medical and pharmaceutical companies are. They do not want CBD researched or sold, because they will LOSE BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars!!! This is unethical to KNOW of a CURE and not present it to the public!!!!

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