The Price of Weed in 2019

Today we have an educational discussion video about what’s going on with prices in the uk in 2019. Subscribe Prices in the uk are very different in 2019 …


  1. Never paid anything more that £240 max for high quality/premium bud. People nowadays are only out to rip the arse out of it and fill their pockets… and these mugs pay it 😂😂😂. Half the cali hasnt even come from California… it's near impossible to export cannabis from America.. and what would even be the purpose of doing so when they can sell into the medicinal market. And say you did by chance you got a bit of cali you can guarantee its not going to be the quality you get from the medical market.

  2. In New Jersey you can get fire grown locally, or imported bud from one of the legal states/Canada. If you cant handle the 🔥🔥 then you can always get mids as well but they are becoming harder and harder to come by. But those are usually imported from the Caribbean, Mexico, or some shit grown locally that wasn't cured right. All in all an 8th is anywhere from $10-40, a zip is from $100-250, and a pound can go from $550-$2500 based on quality and who you know.

  3. To back the regular hash section

    3.5 20 quid dont smoke it
    Now for the good stuff
    [email protected]@g depending on region and quality
    3.5g(holland import) 28.50
    3.5g charas 30
    7g- maraco Afghan top quality 40-50
    10g Holland 65
    10g traditional (varies depending on region)
    UK hashes (like Holland rare) 300 on a 100g bar

  4. Totally different in my part of the UK, If you're a smoker and not selling your most probably gunna get stung for 180-200 an oz quality barely matters sometimes its the dankest bud ever sometimes its mids but price is always the same, if you're selling prices mostly go from 135-160 for mid-dank bud, if it worse than mids no one is gunna buy it no matter what the price is unless its some school kids so its never seen here

  5. I've grown the dank dank look up zookies, I was gifted 2seeds of this strain but a friend of the breeders who grow this strain, only 2 breeders in America are allowed to breed it and not distribute the seeds, I have 1 seeds left haha

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