The Perception of Marijuana in Japan (Interview)

How is marijuana viewed in Japan nowadays? I have been requested a video about that a lot. But since I felt I didn’t have enough knowledge about it, I asked …


  1. If everybody brought weed to the olympics and smoked it, it could be a smart way to protest that would keep anyone from getting arrested. Hoping they aren't gonna arrest people during their precious olympics. But you'd need a lotta stoners for that. ..

  2. I mean theyve legalized CBD thats a huge jump even in New Zealand CBD is barely even legal alot of paper work and shit to get prescribed it but in saying that weed is easy to get in New Zealand and it isnt looked at with the same stigma as Japan does lol

  3. Daily smoker here from boulder. Weed needs to be regulated like alcohol. You should be able to do whatever you want in your free time at home, but if you're operating ANY vehicle under the influence or showing up to work high, there should be repercussions.

  4. I'm writing from Fort Bragg, Mendocino Co, California, where some of the best marijuana in the world is grown, and it's this weed that's helping me — as well as a lot of us!! — keep calm through this COVID 19 pandemic. Social distancing??? Ha! No problem! I was doing it before all this shit started, and I'll be doing it afterwards, when everyone who doesn't smoke marijuana (including that peckerwood Trump) goes back to "normal," whatever that is. Please.

    If any place on earth can figure out what to do with the cannabis industry, it would be Japan, hands down. However, after 10-20 years of recreational usage (ny 5-15% of society), many social problems which exist only in Japan could be eradicated or made a non issue, such as 1) their hikikomori problem, 2) kodokushi, 3) suicides resulting from less-than-perfectionism, 4) stigmas and taboos against women and those seeking or needing counseling, and mostly 5) less backbiting and less masking of emotions for the sake of propriety, which no doubt contributes to many more problems in Japan than it needs to.

    The only drawback I can foresee for introducing marijuana into Japanese society would be: less bowing.

  5. Since 2001??? I visited in 09 and saw on a news broadcast a bust against rogue growers operation, felt bad for the guy as they raided confiscating his plants, he being treated like a meth cook or cartel cocaine peddler, it was a tragedy considering it would probably ease many social and medical problem that tobacco, coffee, and alcohol can't solve…my advise to Japanese whom want cannabis is visit Amsterdam, Canada, or some of the legalized states in the U.S.A., as for foreigners getting funny ideas while visiting japan, take a chance on a potential yakuza deal or avoid prison, or death even.

  6. Very similar in my country except we were never occupied by the Americans, our legislators went along with their 'war on drugs' anyway, without question. Pro-marijuana marches would be heavily monitored by police, which is why they are rare.

  7. So – my issue is that I have a very painful health condition. I live in Florida where I posses a medical marijuana license. I think it’s very, very wrong for me to not be allowed to bring a certain amount to japan and for an exception to be made for those who come to japan on a study visa to present their medical marijuana card. Our world is so corrupt. What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to just be in fucking pain while I’m studying in japan? I haven’t been able to go to japan for this reason! I have worked hard and studied the language since 2011 but they will not allow someone like me in their country because I have a chronic illness that requires treatment/management they don’t acknowledge. I hope Japanese officials realize at some point how harmful and discriminatory this is for people who use this plant for pain management and anxiety. For me, and for many others, we don’t see it as “oh that sucks you don’t let us smoke pot”. If I wasn’t sick, I wouldn’t even smoke pot daily. But it helps me cope with my severe pain and symptoms, so I use it. I SEE THIS LAW AS: “So you want me to suffer? You don’t want me to have my medication?” As I learn these things, I’m becoming more and more discouraged to go to Japan. I have friends there now, and they’ve asked me to come, but I’m too embarrassed to explain this. It truly saddens me that when I do go, I’ll have to mail some to myself ahead of time or even have my own family or friends do so, risking their freedom. Why should people risk their freedom just so we can have medication? Does Japanese government really believe people aren’t smoking pot in Japan? Tons of people smoke pot there! Totally an outdated mindset.

  8. There is`nt even a word for Marijuana in japanese? Yet there are lots of Alcohol dispensers. Drunk people always cause mischief, because they are not knowing what they are doing (sounds familiar?)
    Alcohol makes you sick and grey.(Allgohole is foul fruits) Marijuana is a harmogen, which was known as Theriac (THC) in earlier times. The plant his highly symbiotic (companion plants) One more secret: パッションフルーツ – Maracompanion

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  10. I can tell you right now how weed will end up legal in Japan.
    Once the US is FEDERALLY LEGAL they will MAKE Japan legalize it for trade because the US has so many patents (and Israel) it will be a big part of commerce, it is in the US now but wait till its Federal, state is like a kiss on the cheek, Federal is a full fuckfest.
    It will all be about money.
    World wide it will be legal after the US make it federally legal because the countries signed guarantee to the US of making it illegal will then be pointless.
    Its very heard to believe Japan will make it legal but it will happen but perhaps completely controlled by the pharmacuetical and alcohol industry….
    it will be a weird kind of law like their porn, you can do whatever you like, rape schools girls and housewives in the porn but you CANNOT show the private parts.

  11. I may not use it myself, but I won't tell anyone against using it, especially if it makes the difference in living without pain from any condition. On another note, why is it that modern medicines fail where MJ does better for certain people?

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