1. I’m ok if people don’t want to smoke pot, but don’t make it illegal for people who decide that’s something that they want to do. It’s imposing someone’s freedom and also it doesn’t do anything bad to other people so make it legal

  2. A lot of people argue that weed should be legal because it can be used rationally. And that not everyone gets addicted to it and that not everyone will be harmed by it if they use it. But yet, by saying that we acknowledge that abuse of the drug will come. We can look at ares where cannibis has been legalized and we can see an increase in weed consumption which leads to more abuse and more accidents (ex. Car wrecks). Now people always say that we already have these problems with alcohol and that if you condemn weed for these things then you must condemn alcohol. But why is it that I must condemn alcohol for simply not wanting a drug accepted into society that will lead to more problems that we already have? What's wrong with me wanting a society that isn't as addicted to drugs? Why would the government want an addicted society?

  3. God definitely doesn't want anyone to smoke anything .. But you don't have to smoke it. It can be eaten, vaped etc. However – I would only recommend cbd and not thc. Ie the part that heals and relaxes, rather than the part that gets you 'high'.

    Thc is psychoactive and that could fall under 'pharmacika' in the Bible which counts as sorcery..

  4. #AskMattFradd

    I have multiple health issues that cause me chronic pain and without Cannabis I could not live a normal life. We humans have an Endocannabinoid System that exists naturally in our bodies. If God didn’t want us to use Cannabis for medicine, then why would he give us a naturally occurring system in our bodies to process Cannabis?

    There are so many wonderful health benefits to using cannabis that the negatives realistically are far outnumbered by positives. Sure, smoking cannabis probably isn’t the best way to consume it but I know far too many people who have tried edibles and have over did it. There’s a happy medium just like with alcohol.

  5. Weed is a lot like guns. It's neither bad nor good, it's all on how you use it and why.

    If you use it for pure hedonism and escapism, it's bad and extremely shallow.

    If you use it for medical and the occasional good time, it's fine.

  6. Most people who are against marijuana have never tried it or have never needed it medically. It baffles me the way people come up with their own conclusions on substances based on opinions. To be an absolutist about this specific topic to be wrong. It's easy to say Oh I think smoking weed is a mortal sin when you are not Ill. But I bet if you were to be in a different situation your openion would change.

  7. Nicotene makes you crave more nicotene…I am against cigarette smoking but I know of no one who went into hard drugs because their cigarettes weren't satisfying them. You don't get high from nicotene. I lived through the 70's when kids would come to school high from smoking marijuana on the bus…they couldn't function in class. I know of many people who started smoking marijuana who moved onto harder drugs because marijuana no longer gave them a satisfying high. One of those persons wound up stealing from his parents to buy his drugs. They kicked him out of the house…he returned months later and killed his parents and tried to kill his sisters…he was 19.

  8. Idk in under the opinion that drugs of all kinds are sketchy unless you’re talking prescription necessity (blood pressure medication for ex) or coffee. Coffee is not that harmful, it causes anxiety at worst. Alcohol and marijuana should be used lightly at most. A lot of people use weed as an excuse to be dumb and escape life, and self medicate rather than facing their problems. (I have many family members who do this, it’s not helpful) I think there should be limits on how much a person can use or have at a given time, like with alcohol.

  9. At this point I’m down with it as an alternative for the terminally ill, but when I hear all the various arguments for weed, it’s hard for me not to assume that people just want to get high….that they want yet another escape from reality. That’s why I love Christ, Catholicism, my wife, my children, being open to life, and, on the level of a hobby, Gracie Jiu Jitsu, because those things put you face-to-face with reality.

  10. Not mentionded is the paranoia, potential psychosis and the fact that you come up witih epiphanies while high that make absolutely NO sense when you are straight. It destroyed my marriage and I think is a dangerous, abusive and confusing thing to do around children. I see it as an insidious drug, that subtlely wrecks havoc in families. Matt it seemed you were going to bring the common good and I would like to hear more on this. Personally it brought nothing but evil into my life and that of my children. I frankly think it opens you up to the demonic. I see it as a social evil and would only advocate it's medicinal use if it could be used without getting high. I also disagree that you can smoke cannabis in moderation.

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