The Ethan Russo Sessions #2 – Cannabis Healing without Intoxication

In this second series of the Shaping Fire Sessions, Shango Los speaks with world-famous neurologist and cannabis researcher Dr. Ethan Russo about a wide …


  1. I always learn something new when you guys get together. It was amazing coming to see Dr Russo at the vashon island Grange Hall recently, thank you for putting that together. If you ever find yourself on the Eastside in Bellevue it would be great to get either of you guys into The Novel Tree Medical so you can see how we are trying to keep Medical alive in Washington… Within the constraints of I502

  2. Hey i got your theme song right here!Shango los is every where, on the ground and in the air,shango los,shango los intervewing people who truly care shango los!shango los! The man with glases and curly hair,shango los,shango los he will do beneficial reserch for you and me shango los,shango los. clean cannibis makes him happy shango los shango los

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