The boom in CBD products

Cannabidiol, a chemical compound extracted from hemp, is now at the center of a swiftly-growing industry which last year derived about $600 million in U.S. …


  1. I have some pain nowadays. As a teenager I smoked a lot of cannabis for a while and developed symptoms like psychosis. I stopped smoking it in the year 2000 and never did since. It took me around a year to get better and I am fine. I wanted to try CBD but was just wondering if it is safe. I believe the THC has been taken out if it? Still, wondering if anything else could trigger something I went through? Thanks.

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    A great testimony I must share to all cancer patients. My cousin was diagnosed with stage 4 primary liver cancer in August 2019 doctor told us there was not much to be done since the tumor was 7 inches covering his lower lobe and also had spread to her lymph nodes, We decided to go home and called hospice which gave us morphine for pain, Ed hated the morphine which made her vomit and also affected her mind. After one week at home we decided to do what we have done for many years, really on ourselves. We were only in Hospital for 3 days with severe Pain, the cancer had blocked her bile duct, after that we choose a Naturalist doctor and have not had conventional treatments.
    One day i came across the use of cannabis oil for treatment of cancer and i saw a post on how a cancer patient was cured with cannabis oil. I urgently needed help and i contacted the contact via Email: ([email protected]) or via WhatsApp:+1(216)4655497 to get the cannabis oil. He prescribe 30 gram 21% THC content, instructional guide on how dosage was taken was attached to oil. After taking a gram of oil per day, Within a couple of weeks his pain and swollen stomach disappeared and with it came hope and a good quality of life,we did it without undergoing surgery or any other physical medical pains.

  4. how to make sense of any of this is insane funny and crazy all at the same time… beginning of video guy claims CBD is not cannabis … a feew minutes in CBD is cannabis… but! marijuana is a hemp cousin when in fact marijuana is the smoke of canabis sativa L… ! that is the definition of marijuana LOL.
    cannabis is cannabis, CBD / THC and 146 more phytocannabinoids like THCV , CBDVa = so many… it is all cannabis part of cannabaceae family of plants

  5. Well I wouldn’t call CBD a cure-all, but it’s definitely very versatile, and it’s not exaggeration to say it has numerous medical benefits. It does certainly help with pain relief, and mood enhancement. Far too many users report symptom relief for it all to hype.

  6. This is very dangerous to big pharma's profits – I hope the lobbyists find a way to take CBD off the market so that consumers have less choice and pay higher prices. Also, the DEA can benefit too if the law is to be enforced at the federal level.

  7. Cbd can't do everything. But cbd can help. Only way for u to get the most benefit you need to use the whole plant. Thc and everything else. Entourage effect. A synergistic effect that does things that cbd alone can't.

  8. Nothing works for everyone but it reall is a miracle drug in my opinion .I suffer decades of cronic pain and it has been a game changer in manyways . My husban has lowered his blood pressure medication. I sleep everynight now .The key is dossage !!

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