1. Yes I can vouch for this book too. I don't think a 3 minute summary can explain "how" it works, but if you've thought you want to stop smoking, then read this book. It's important to remember that starting to read the book doesn't mean you need to stop smoking, or cut down – you're completely free, and encouraged, to keep smoking… I had my last hit of nicotine after finishing the book, and I haven't missed nicotine since.

  2. Unfortunately the book didn’t work for me. I did pass it on to a friend though, she stopped smoking almost immediately and has never returned to the filthy habit. I gave up eventually with the help of e-cigarettes.

  3. I too was a heavy smoker. By the grace of God I was able to quit and have never gone back.

    I always believed the habit was more psychological than a physical addiction … the constant sucking – the first thing a newborn infant does, and the "friend" that was always there. I also wrote tons of positive affirmations that helped.

    To all that wish to quit —

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