Terminal Breast Cancer 005 health update

Video recorded on 16.Feb.2019 I talk about recent visit to the oncologist and my overall health. I complain about my thin veins, night sweats and wonder if I …


  1. I have stage iv breast cancer and I'm pretty sure there are many more things you can die of before cancer kills you. I think this is just something that should not be said because everytime it is the person who says it keeps reinforcing the manifestation of death from cancer. I know many people who had terminal cancer and is still very healthy and living normal lives. One lady is even 20years cancer free and she was stage iv when diagnosed. I advise you to take a different approach to this diagnosis. And tell yourself you will not die from breast cancer. Treat it like diabetes or any other long term illness. My aunt is 83 and was diagnosed with diabetes when she was 28. She's still living. My friend is 50 she was first diagnosed with breast cancer at 32 stage 4, she's still living and living well too. I am s 5yr survivor myself. I feel down like you sometimes after ibrance. Like you it's in my bone so the pain used to be excruciating but now I dont feel no pain I live my life as normal as I can. I do art therapy to keep me occupied as well as do odd jobs like typing and so for money.

  2. Yes, I live in Atlanta Georgia as well and the laws here regarding cannibus are 10 to 20 years behind all other states. Not to be insensitive, but does it mean there is no hope of surviving cancer if u r terminal?? Can it be beat?

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