Switching To E-Cigarettes Is Not Quitting | Think | NBC News

E-cigarette companies like Juul, Altria and Blu have implied that their products are safer alternatives to traditional cigarettes. But scientists haven’t done nearly …


  1. I smoked for 35 years was up to 3 packs a day, I used e-cigarettes for about 2 months and quit those too, I have been off of ALL cigarette products for 5 years now and I'm gratefull to be off of the most addictive thing in my life, I realize this doesn't work for everyone but it worked for me, if you switch with quiting as your goal it might work for you too, Good luck smokers I hope your successful

  2. Missed the point there bub.
    They arent smoking anymore,theyre vaping.

    600+ anecdotes in a decade (most strongly connected to blackmarket products).

    hard to believe its that safe,
    i was actually skeptical.

    I dont vape,
    nor am i proponant of vaping,

    This is
    Reefer madnes.

  3. Lack of transparency is right. Do some research and you will find black market THC oils are causing this. Nicotine ejuice has no oils in it and is water soluble. It has been reported that 77% of those illnesses have admitted to vaping black market THC oils. And of all those people getting illnesses, of course not everyone is going to admit to their parents/doctors they were vaping THC and getting high, especially when some of these cases the patients are teens in states where THC is illegal. People have been vaping for 10-15 years and nothing like this ever happen and no bad effects ever came from vaping nicotine. THC carts have only recently became popular so do the math.

    And studies have been done, the Royal College of Physicians and Public Health of England have came out and said their studies conclude that vaping nicotine is 95%-99% SAFER than smoke tobacco. Stop trying to scare people off vaping and back to smoking that will lead to death. This very dangerous to give misleading facts and people will turn to smoking again or black market flavors if bans arise.

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