Strong CBD Oil for Miss Kitty, Calming and pain free

Strong CBD Oil for Miss Kitty, Calming and pain free. What I’m also doing for ‘GoldDigger’ the Cat is giving her hi-strength CBO oil from the cannabis plant to …


  1. Hey, that's full spectrum cold pressed. It has to pass through the liver. I have nano lab tested cbd. Seriously if you want the real deal let me know. I can even get injectable all 100% pure. Free no BS. Can get you in contact with the maker and you can talk to him.

  2. It's probably a good guess that she was sick when you got her… Oct 2017 will , unless there's a miracle, not see much past Oct 2019, WHICH would about EXACTLY right for the course of cancer…its ALSO likely at least SomEONE knew she was sick and let her go if she wasn't completely feral….but DUDE, no MATTER WHAT you gave her a good and comfortable END, you gave her a endstage cancer care that most people would and do pay MILLIONS for or CAN'Tget FROM family at any cost…..

  3. You are doing 100⅞ that you can, looking at her she seems better and I think you are probably right about her age,
    Cats heal quickly they have strong immune systems ,and they know if they can't heal they will look for a place to pass away ,
    Time will tell ,you doing everything you can

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